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10 Reasons Why You Should Use PVC Strip Curtains

External doorway PVC curtains

Generally associated with large entrances and exits in warehouses and loading docks, but also found in supermarkets and cold storage areas, PVC strip curtains are overlapping strips of plastic that hang in the doorway. They are often transparent, although some can be made in colour. For example, yellow and black as a hazard warning in a busy warehouse, Hi-Viz orange or yellow for safety, or they can be branded with your company colours.

What are PVC strip curtains and where are they used?

PVC strip curtains are a cost-effective, low maintenance way of providing a barrier yet keeping the movement of people and goods flowing in and out of an access route. The PVC strips are usually bendy, hard-wearing and adaptable for indoor or outdoor use. When hung in a doorway, the strips overlap, providing a barrier against the weather, contaminants and other objects, but allowing for the easy passing through by vehicles and personnel.

Different grades of PVC are used in the manufacture of PVC strip curtains, depending on whether they are for internal or external use. For example, internal strip curtains do not require such a heavy grade of PVC because the plastic won't be exposed to outdoor elements in the same way external strip curtains would be, i.e. in a warehouse.

Other types of material grades include:

  • Polar grade strips - suitable for strip curtains in a cold storage or freezer doorway to avoid the PVC strips freezing and breaking
  • Anti-static grade strips - ideal for internal use where there is frequent movement of people through the strip curtains. They help avoid the potential of friction from clothing and prevent a potential fire hazard
  • Welding grade strips - manufactured to block potential sparks or hot metal objects from causing harm and burns. This type of PVC strip curtain is usually a dark colour to block the hazardous UV rays associated with welding
  • Food grade strips - specifically manufactured to comply with EU/UK regulations in respect of food-oriented areas, such as cold rooms in restaurants

Generally, PVC strip curtains are found in an industrial capacity such as cold storage areas, walk-in freezers, and loading docks. However, as they are a great way of separating areas, they could be applied to various other environments, including:

  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Cleanrooms, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Data centres
  • Factories and research laboratories
  • Hospitals, surgeries and pharmacies

Let's look at why you should consider PVC strip curtains in the workplace.

Benefits of PVC strip curtains

  1. Highly durable - made from PVC, strip curtains are highly durable and can withstand extreme levels of use. External strip curtains in a warehouse, for example, are made from a harder, more sturdy grade of plastic that can tolerate not only a constant movement of people but also warehouse or loading dock equipment and machinery, like forklift trucks and carts.
  2. Regulate the temperature - not only can PVC strip curtains maintain and regulate the temperature within a room or area, but they can also prevent unwanted heat from entering. For example, they will keep a refrigerator or freezer room at a consistently cold temperature but not let that cold escape into the restaurant or bar or kitchen.
  3. Prevent contaminants, pests and pollution from entering - whether it's the dust from moving machinery, pollution from the air outside, contaminants from mixing together in research labs or insects from buzzing around, PVC curtain strips are able to prevent these from entering because of the overlapping strips creating a seal.
  4. Noise reduction - in the same way, PVC strip curtains prevent pollution and contaminants from entering, they can also work for noise reduction or even elimination. For example, they can be used between the factory or warehouse floor and office/administration areas, thereby protecting employees from excessive noise.
  5. Cost effective - as well as being a budget-friendly way of protecting and providing a doorway covering, should one of the strips become damaged or spoiled, it is cheap to replace just one strip.
  6. Low maintenance - the PVC strips are easy to replace should any become damaged and they are easy to keep clean, maintaining transparency or hazard colours
  7. Maintain workflow - because there is no physical doorway to open and close, movement through PVC strip curtains is not curtailed for people or vehicles, therefore workflow is maintained.
  8. Easy to install - they can be installed in just about any size doorway, are flexible and easy to put up. Measure the height and width of your doorway or opening, order your strip curtain and fix the pre-drilled rail that holds the strip in place. For busier workplaces, particularly if vehicles are going to be travelling through, fit heavy duty rails or sliding track rails. Fit them above the doorway and hook on each strip to create your doorway protection.
  9. Reliable - PVC strip curtains are extremely reliable and a good long-term solution to providing protection for everyone.
  10. Transparency for safety - although PVC strip curtains are available in colour, transparent strips are the most popular from a safety aspect, particularly in a busy warehouse, loading dock, restaurant or other facilities where there is flowing traffic back and forth. Drivers of vehicles or other equipment can see through the curtain strips to determine if there are any hazards ahead before going through, as can people who are walking through, thereby preventing any potential accidents or injuries.

If you're not sure what grade of PVC material or size of strip curtains you need for your workspace, our highly experienced, knowledgeable team is on hand with valuable advice and guidance.

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