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Shelving Systems

Industrial Shelving Units

ESE Direct are experts in the supply of a huge range of shelf systems for use in industrial environments.

Archive Storage Shelving

A great value range of archive shelving systems suitable for storing documents, boxes and more in commercial environments. All bays in our Solo range are 6 shelves high and are available as either closed or open back bays. We also have lightweight and heavy duty shelving for archive boxes in 6 or 8 box high configurations. 

Coldroom Shelving

Our coldroom shelving section contains aluminium shelving which is an economical alternative to stainless steel shelving and is great for many storage needs. The frames of our aluminium shelving bays have adjustable feet so they can be used on uneven floors. They have removable plastic shelves, so cleaning them is easy. They're bolt free and are quick and easy to assemble. 

Our range also contains polypropylene shelving bays which have a steel core providing strength and a plastic polypropylene outer surface making the units anti-static, rustproof and hygienic. These properties make them suitable for a wide variety of uses including walk-in freezers, cold rooms and other damp environments. Castors can easily be fixed, allowing them to become mobile. These shelving units are available with either grille or solid shelves and are easy to assemble, not requiring any nuts and bolts.

Just Shelving

Our Industrial Just Shelving is fantastic value for money and being fully adjustable they're great for use in many environments including stockrooms, warehouses and store rooms. Our heavy duty units can hold up to 3000kg making them suitable for storing heavy boxes. These shelving units have chipboard shelves that are manufactured from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. With these shelving units there are no starters or extensions with all bays having 4 uprights. 

Galvanised shelving has greater resistance to wear and tear. We have both fully galvanised shelving bays with steel shelves and galvanised shelving bays with chipboard shelves. Galvanised bays with chipboard shelves have the advantage of being able to hold up to a massive 375kg per shelf whereas the galvanised steel shelves are only able to hold 68kg but, being made from steel rather than wood they won’t rot and are suitable for use in outdoor environments such as garden centres. 

Pigeon Hole & Library Shelving

The pigeon hole shelving is available in a number of sizes and with a choice of a 12, 18 or 36 compartment setup. Ideal for storage of books, documents or other for other uses such as pigeon holes. Part height or full height dividers are available.

Stockroom Shelving

Our range of stockroom shelving is ideal for home, office or warehouse use. The Topbox range is best suited for storing all kinds of small parts when used with the Topbox transparent plastic containers. We also have steel tray shelving bays which are ideal for stock picking due to their lowered fronts.

Stormor Shelving

This adjustable shelving is ideal for use in commercial offices, warehouses and industrial places. Choose from a range of extensions such as the pull-out draws and shelf dividers. Stormor shelving is available in open or closed bays extra shelves and bays can be added to create the shelving system you want. 

Wall Mounted Shelving

Our wall mounted shelving consists of a range of bay units and twinslot shelves, brackets and uprights. Steel twinslot shelves are available from under £20 providing an easy, cost-effective storage solution. Our wall mounted shelving bays are also much cheaper than freestanding bays. We supply starter and extension bays in a variety of sizes and colours include red, green, blue, white, black, grey and yellow. 

Wire Shelving

For storing food our wire shelving is what you need. They allow air to flow between the shelves which is ideal for loose fruit and vegetables, bread and other fresh foods. Our wire shelving units are available as stainless steel wire shelving, chrome or nylon units. Commercial uses of these shelving units include catering, food retail or general storage in cold rooms, stock rooms and kitchens.