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Safety & Security

Site & Safety

Our Site & Safety range is extremely comprehensive and whilst of course it provides site containers, storage chests, van vaults and mesh cages to enable you to store your valuable equipment and materials, we also have so many other items available. Including a range of convex mirrors that help reduce traffic accidents and security incidents by providing a better viewpoint in situations where your vision is restricted. We also have St Johns Ambulance approved First Aid kits and refills, consumables, AED defibrillators for emergency cardiac heart treatment and disability equipment such as wheelchairs and evacuation chairs etc. But probably our most popular site and safety items are speed ramps to help you reduce the risk of speed related accidents and outdoor cable ramps and cable protectors that enable you to lay cables, hosepipes and other equipment inside a hinged lid speed ramp to make sure they do not get damaged by vans, cars or lorries. 

Spill Response & Cleaning

Another enormously successful range of products for ESE is our spill control, spill response absorbents and cleaning equipment. Our drum bunds, sump pallets and drip trays are designed to help prevent and contain spillages and our spillage control absorbents and kits also make the cleaning up process after oil, fuel, chemical and liquid spills much easier. We also have a good range of flammable liquid cans including bench cans and jerry cans to store flammable liquids, plus plunger cans / dispenser bottles to distribute and use flammable liquids, or oily rag and solvent bins to contain your discarded cleaning cloths, the choice is yours. To top it all off we also offer pressure washes and pressure cleaners to help you clean up more ingrained spills.


Securely storing valuable items is important for any business. If you need to lock away your valuables, cash or even protect expensive electronic data from fires checkout our fire safes, cash safes and document storage boxes or safes. Or if you want to deter potential criminal actions without incurring the expense of a full HD CCTV recording system, or just wish to supplement a fully functioning camera and recording system our Dummy CCTV Cameras provide a maintenance free alternative and are designed to look just like working CCTV cameras. In addition to these we also offer security key cabinets to help keep spare locker or door keys and car keys or even padlocks and keys safely hidden away from view and in one central location. Plus we now also have a good range of safety lockouts, asset tagging, ball valve locks and padlocks to choose from.

PPE & Safety Workwear

Any person or organisation employing staff who are doing work which exposes them to potential hazards are required by law to provide their staff with personal protective equipment. After a risk assessment has been carried out and the need for PPE identified, the comprehensive range of PPE from ESE, which includes: Head protection, Eye protection, Ear protection, Face masks, Gloves, Safety footwear, Harnesses, Workwear and Hi-Vis vests and jackets provides an easy and straightforward way of meeting the stipulations of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992.