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Impact Protection

Foam Impact Profiles and Column Protectors

What is impact protection for?

Minimising the damage from accidental impact is an important part of any warehouse, as it protects racking from damage from forklifts as will as protecting people from sharp edges. Without adequate provisions, forklifts or other heavy vehicles could collide with pallet racking and knock runs of bays over, or even cause unseen damage that threatens the structural integrity of racking without anyone knowing

What are edge profiles?

Edge profiles are the name given to the lengths of foam that are attached to the underside of pallet racks or other exposed metal work, such as the underside of steel stairs, that prevent injury if someone was to bang their head against it. These foam edges can either be self adhesive or magnetic and come in different shapes, either circle, L-shaped or flat.

What about column protectors?

Column protectors will sit around an upright and provide cushioning against impact, they tend to be made from plastic and brightly coloured. The type of protector you need will vary depending on the width of the pole you are trying to protect.

How about anti-collision bollards?

These bollards or posts are there to prevent forklifts from backing into rack ends, catching corners or otherwise straying too close to stock or pedestrians. These are various designs to chose from and dffering styles, from ones that flex under pressure to standard rigid posts.