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Site Boxes & Van Tool Vaults

Sufficient storage for tools and equipment is essential if you're working on a building site or construction site. Work on major projects may take several months to complete. You won't want to be taking large and heavy tools home, or have to lug them across the site at close of play each day. So, to avoid this annoyance, placing site boxes across the site will provide a storage solution that you can trust, where you need it.

Secure storage boxes on site on in your vehicle

Keeping a work site secure can be a challenge, especially on large developments. Construction sites can, in the early stages be very open and at risk of trespass. Securing the perimeter of an area will of course be the first thing to think of to keep tools and machinery safe, but sometimes, unfortunately, barriers and gates can be forced and entry to the site gained.

To ensure that you can put the best security measures in place, analyse how the site is set up and go from there. Take a look at where the majority of work requiring hand tools takes place and position a security box nearby.

Site boxes are designed to stay put

The difference between a site box and your average tool box that you might purchase from a DIY store is weight. Site boxes are deliberately manufactured to be heavy. Unlike a tool box which is intended to be portable so that you can take your tools from job to job, site boxes are weighty.

Their weighty nature means that a thief cannot easily pick them up and and walk off with your valuable power tools. The site boxes are of course lockable, our Amorgard site boxes are manufactured with heavy duty deadlocks. TuffBank in particular has been put through a series of stringent strength tests which are a mandatory Police requirement.

Constructed from robust steel, they may not be as attractive to magpies a stainless steel, but the moody black powder coat means they look ideal in an an industrial setting. Another great feature is that they have an anti-corrosive undercoat so they will stand the test of time on blustery wet work sites.

They also offer a super-strong anti-jemmy container, with are almost unbreakable.

Several site storage chests include forklift skids. These enable the boxes to be moved via forklift truck if required. An excellent choice for storage in your workshop or warehouse and other areas where forklifts are involved in on-site work.

If you're looking for a high quality heavy-duty storage chest that is easy to move, we have site boxes on wheels which are a portable yet secure option. Obviously this type of site storage chest is a less secure alternative to a standard site box but it does offer the flexibility of being easy to move from one location to another.

Vehicle tool boxes and van vaults offer excellent secure storage for tools and equipment on the move

Van vaults or vehicle tool boxes as they can be referred to are the go-to choice for many tradespeople. Even a small van can be equipped with high-security storage containers. Van boxes are simply, a type of site box that can be secured to the internal floor or side of a vehicle with heavy duty bolts.

As suppliers of a wide range of industrial storage solutions manufactured by Armorgard, we'd suggest the TuffBank VanBox and TruckBox would be an ideal solution for secure vehicle storage. They're manufactured with optimum security in mind and are almost impossible to break into.

Once secured to your vehicle, they have the additional benefit of not rolling around in the back of your van when travelling over rough ground or around tight corners.

If you're after drawer-style storage for smaller items you may like to take a look at TrekDror. It works on the same principal as a van vault slider. They're individual drawers housed in a secure case, great for popping your nuts and bolts and other small components. Or even your sandwiches if you want to keep your cheese and pickle safe!

The vehicle storage drawers can be stacked to create a kind of industrial chest of drawers which will fit neatly between your vehicle's wheel arches.

So to create your ideal mobile storage system it's essential to personalise content and service your van with the most secure, and robust van vaults on the market. Love your tools, love secure storage.

For further help and advice just give our technical sales team a call on 0808 274 8997.