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Packaging & Packing

Heat Sealer & Shrink Wrap Systems

Our range of industrial heat sealers and shrink wrapping machines are ideal for sealing plastic bags and wrapping small to medium size products. Choose one of our sealing kits to get you started and add your shrink wrap tools and consumables or other packaging tools as you need them.

Industrial Weighing Scales

Do you need a set of industrial weighing scales for weighing parcels or post in your warehouse, factory or office? We have ranges of bench scales that can weigh items as well as count them. We have Adam and Brecknell industrial floor weighing scales and platform scales for larger or heavier items, or even pallet weighing beam scales, which as the name suggests are for weighing palletised products up to 5000kg.

Packing Tapes & Tape Dispensers

Need to wrap or pack your goods before dispatch? If you do and this is a regular process at your business you will benefit from taking a look at our bench tape dispensers and hand tape dispensers and tools. We also supply packing consumables such as brown packing tape and gummed paper tape with bulk-buy discounts and with free delivery on orders over £50.

Packing Stands & Dispensers

Every warehouse, stock room, engineering facility and factory needs packaging materials of one kind or other. At ESE Direct we offer bulk-buy discounts on quality industrial packing stands, air pillow makers and packaging roll dispensers.

Staple Guns & Staples

Our large range of long lasting industrial hand tackers, and staple removers are much stronger than regular paper staplers. These industrial quality staplers are most commonly used on cardboard boxes, wood and carpets and staples.

Plastic Strapping Equipment & Steel Banding

At ESE Direct we supply three types of strapping equipment, polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping and steel strapping or banding equipment. This section includes the strapping rolls themselves, strapping and banding machines and tools as well as strapping dispensers, stands and trolleys, plus banding consumables such as strapping seals and buckles. Don't forget to keep an eye out for our strapping kits for exceptional value for money.