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Forklift Attachments

Forklift Cages

Forklift access platforms or cages provide a secure and safe area for personnel to stand while working from height. The fixed personnel platforms are a cost effective method of creating a temporary mobile access platform conforming to PM28 - HSE's safety regulation for non-attached working platforms for forklift trucks. If storage space is tight we also do a folding access platform for forklifts which will fold down to not much more than a pallet size when not in use allowing you to store it on pallet racking or out of the way. To use the forklift cages simply fix securely to your forks using the locking mechanisms provided, climb in to the cage and ask the forklift driver to lift you to the desired height to carry out your high level repairs or maintenance (check with your health and safety officer as some also require you to be secured in the forklift cage with a harness or strap).

Forklift Drum Attachments

Our range of forklift drum attachments are designed to provide an easier method of moving and stacking heavy drums by forklift. These removable attachments add another use to your forklift by allowing you to pick up, tilt, rotate, grab or clamp round drums with the forklift rather than having manual handling drum trolleys that you need to physical pull or push.

Fork Extensions, Hooks, Jibs, Sweepers & Magnets

Apart from just moving pallets around forklifts have many other potential uses by attaching one of these forklift attachments. The fork extension sleeves provides you with longer forks to pick up overhanging loads or pallets stored two deep (please bear in mind longer forks reduce the lifting capacity by moving the centre of the pallet or load further away from the forklift mast). The lifting hook jib converts your forklift into a mobile crane and allows you to pick up and carry items such as large bags, bulk product sacks and products using slings. The forklift sweeper brush will enable you to create your own mini road sweeper or warehouse cleaner simply by attaching it to your forklift forks. The forklift magnet attachment allows you to pick up metal fillings, screws, bolts from you factory or workshop or even in the car park to prevent visitors and staff from getting punctures. We also do fork truck mounted salt spreaders and snow ploughs if you need.

Tipping Skips

These metal forklift tipping skips and bins provide a cost effective and time saving method of disposing of waste paper, packaging, swarf and production waste, as well as liquids in some. We have Combi-use tipping skips and dump trucks that you need to take off the forklift to tip, but we also have self-tipping skips and bottom empty skips that you can release while still sitting on the forklift (just remember to always make sure the skips are secured to the forks).