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Factory & Workshop Seating

Work in comfort with a high quality workshop stool

A comfortable and practical seat is an essential item for workers who spend a lot of time seated. Be it at a workstation, desk or moving around a factory workshop, the correct chair can make all the difference.

In a world where health and safety is of utmost importance, it's imperative that employers equip their staff with the best tools for the job. High quality adjustable seating will not only give comfort, but improve wellbeing and productivity for your workers too.

Your choice of seating will largely depend on the type of environment, along with the designated use of the chair.

The other main consideration, which may sound simple but is essential, would be are you looking for a chair or a stool? The big difference here of course is, a chair has a back rest and a stool doesn't. If back support is a priority, always opt for a chair.

Industrial seating suitable for a wide range of settings

For instance, if you're intention is to use your seat within an area where hygiene is of the essence, a polyethylene workshop seat would be a sensible selection. Polyethylene is easy to wipe clean which makes it difficult for pesky germs to penetrate. Excellent news for clean environments, bad news for germs.

Polyethylene is again a wise choice in environments where chemicals, oil and other liquids are used as any spills can quickly be wiped away.

If your seat will have multiple users, a height adjustable chair could be the ideal solution. Height adjustment also means that the chair can be positioned in a variety of locations, such as at a desk or manufacturing workstation.

A large percentage of height adjustment is via a gas lift system. The simple levers mean that these type of stools and chairs are really quick and easy to adjust to your chosen height.

If you're looking for a mechanics seat then considering one with an integral tool storage tray would ensure that your tools travel with you. You can of course adjust the seat height too for maximum versatility.

Manoeuvring around a workshop is made easy with a draughtsman chair on wheels.

Manufacturing zones may require a worker to move around whilst seated, for example to reach for a component or to address a colleague. This is where an industrial chair on wheels really comes into its own.

The wheels on industrial chairs cleverly swivel 360 degrees to allow a full circle and great flexibility of movement.

If you want your stool to stay put but still need a range of movement, a heavy duty workshop stool without wheels but with a seat which can do a mean 360 would certainly fill the bill.

For additional comfort a selection of draughtsman stools come with a foot ring. This can take the pressure off the legs and back of the user. Therefore, providing a more versatile seating solution.

Even in an office environment where one would generally spend most of the working day in the same position, on the same office chair, at the same desk, an alternate foot position can provide welcome relief. A separate ergonomic foot rest is ideal for these situations.

For further advice on the most appropriate type of workshop chair for your business, do give our friendly sales team a ring on 0808 278 8852 and they'll be pleased to help.