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Kick Steps and Step Stools

Our versatile range of kick step stools cover a huge range of sizes and styles. These kick steps are idea for use in shops, warehouses and general use for reaching items out of rich on high shelves. At the smaller end of the range, you’ll find our humble step stools: sturdily constructed from steel and with durable anti-slip rubber treads and base surrounds, they provide a reliably solid and safe platform from which to work.

Kick steps work by having a number of spring loaded castors mounted underneath, which are compressed when someone stands on the step, preventing it from moving. 

If enhanced safety is a requirement, check out our glide along kick steps: available with one or two vertical safety handles, these super quality all-steel steps glide effortlessly into position on sprung castors which retract safely when weight is applied, allowing circular cups to grip the floor. Available in a choice of five powder-coated colours, these steps also come in double-side configurations with one or two safety handles, or as a single side model with handrail.