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Shelving & Racking

Racking Systems

We have more experience in shelving and racking than just about anything else because industrial racking and shelving were the first systems we sold way back in 1975. By far the most popular and most versatile racks are adjustable pallet racking, but we also have cantilever racking or bar racks as they are often referred to that are ideal for safely storing metal, plastic and copper pipes, trunking, conduit, lengths of wood, steel bars and even sheet material like plasterboard, sheet steel, chipboard, MDF or plastics. If you want to store the lengths vertically we have vertical racking or pigeon hole racks that are perfect for the job, alternatively if you have sheet material to store on its end / side we have sheet and board racks. 

Shelving Systems

As mentioned above we were brought up on designing and installing shelving systems so as you would expect we have dozens of different variations from most main shelving manufacturers. You can choose from a wide selection of shelving systems from our budget shelving for stockrooms, to hygienic wire shelving. We also sell wall mounted shelving and coldroom shelving, but by far the most popular ranges we sell are Stormor Shelving because it can be used in offices and front of house situations as well as warehouses, and Just Shelving because it is so easy to assemble, has a huge range of shelf sizes and shelf capacities as standard and is extremely cost effective. You are unlikely to buy shelving any cheaper elsewhere, but don't forget if you do find cheaper shelving make sure you call us as we do offer a Price Promise.