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Security Safes and Deed Boxes

Keep your valuables safe in a quality security safe

Safes may seem a bit dull, but where important documents are concerned they are invaluable. Paperwork such as insurance papers and birth certificates and passports are all items which , if stolen, can lead to identity theft. So, make sure you remain the only you by keeping these documents under lock and key.

It's not just banks which require a secure place to store money and other valuables. This is commonplace in small businesses and the home too. It's a wise move to install a security box in your office or home as sadly, everybody is at risk from the pesky burglars.

Choosing a safe need not be an arduous task. But it is an important one. You'll be glad you took the time to invest in the most suitable one for your requirements.

Our range of home safes are available in a selection of sizes and choice of locking mechanisms. All of these secure boxes are made from welded steel so you can be assured they can be trusted with your prized possessions.

For extra peace of mind it'd be a good idea to opt for the heavy-duty safes which are fire resistant. If a fire was to occur, they are cleverly constructed to self-seal. Fireproof boxes can be installed into a wall cavity or beneath floor boards. Installation in this manner makes them much more difficult to break into.

Some security safes are equipped with electronic, or motorised locking systems. The locking bolts, described as dog bolts offer a high level of security. Many safes are supplied with two keys, override keys can be available but unfortunately not with these models. So make sure you store your keys with as much care as the items kept within your safe!

Deed boxes, designed specifically for storage of deeds and documents

Indeed, these boxes are ideal for keeping confidential paperwork and documents away from prying eyes. Although secure, they are portable and include integral handles so that they are comfortable to lift. The sturdy steel construction means that they won't be easily damaged in transit.

So, don't risk storing your valuables in a cardboard box. Not even in one of those fancy pretty box files, just because they look nice and are covered in smiling sloths, sadly they are easily stolen or destroyed. For ultimate protection of your property deeds keep them in a high security steel deed box.

All of these security safes and deed boxes qualify for fast, free delivery.