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Water Pumps

Clean and dirty submersible water pumps

Our range of submersible water pumps are suitable for pumping dirty or clean water. These clever submersible pumps can be used to drain flood water or to clean your humble garden pond. They can also be used in to pump out rain water and help to prevent building foundations becoming submerged during inclement weather.

One of the great things about these pumps is that they are automatic. Simply submerge them into the water you'd like to pump out and leave them alone to merrily carry our their work. The automatic cut-out float switch will ensure no bad comes of letting them pump away on their own.

In the event of flooding you can use a clean and dirty water combination pump. These pumps provide the best of both worlds by not only removing unwanted clean water but are also capable of getting rid of dirty particles too. The submersible clean and dirty water pump can act a bit like a light-duty sewage pump dealing with particles of up to 30mm in size.

Pumps can be completely submersed under water yet can still pump out water. Pumping in depths of up to a whopping 7 metres, they're pretty versatile. Available in a choice of corrosion resistant stainless steel and tough polypropylene plastic.

If you're looking to pump out clean water, such as from a swimming pool or hot tub, choose a clean water pump. Pumps can not only be used to eliminate water but also to transfer water from one vessel to another.

Recycling water is of course, great news for the environment. Help restore and retain water levels by reusing unwanted clean water on your vegetable patch, or in bird baths or even for washing your car. We wouldn't, however, recommend doing this with water which may contain additives such as chlorine.

Many of our pumps will operate at water levels of just 2mm, making them a sound choice for the extraction of damaging flood water. Flooding in your home will always be distressing. But, keeping an electric submersible pump on standby, especially in areas that are at high-risk of flooding can provide an element of comfort.

Each pump comes with an integral float switch which detects the water level. They're used to control the pump and to determine at what stage pump is required to automatically cut off.

The heavy duty pumps in our range boast some impressive flow rates. Our most powerful is capable of sucking up up to to 225 litres per minute. With that in mind it's important to consider where you will be pumping your excess water to. If possible, pump out to a manhole or rain drain that is able to accept the flow of water.

Dirty water pumps are designed for the densest of murky waters. Our stainless steel option will expel particles of up to 15mm in size. Ideal for draining ponds that have become overly full with algae and other pond life. You can use these pumps on sewage but note the size of particles prior to use.

Looking for a pump that can get into those difficult to reach areas? Check out the borehole option.

This is a rather more specific pump which can be used inside really deep and narrow cavities such as boreholes and old-school wells. You might be interested to know that water pump power is measured in 'head', this is the distance they are able pump water. Our borehole pump features a rather remarkable 55 metre head.

Still unsure which of our pumps best suit your requirement? Give us a ring on 0800 161 3436 and chat to one of our sales team who'll be happy to help.

Already up to your knees in it and need a water pump in a hurry? Don't panic, talk to us about our next day delivery options.