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Salt Spreaders

Check out the excellent selection of towable and manual hand push salt spreaders and grit spreaders at ESE Direct. These spreaders are the perfect accompaniment to our range of rock salt products, perfect for keeping your business premises safe during the winter months.

Buy Salt Spreaders at ESE Direct

During the winter our towed and manual gritters are used for spreading grit salt in many outdoor locations such as car parks, foot paths and anywhere where the risk of slips and falls on ice needs to be reduced. Using salt spreaders to grit high use areas can provide a better working environment for employees and a better experience for customers, showing care for their well being. The smaller push spreaders are good for smaller spaces, but for a larger area you will need to look at a broadcast spreader. Please note, whilst we try to deliever spreaders within a small a number of working days as possible, during bad weather, demand means that supplies can run out.

Towable Grit Spreaders

If you have a large area which you need to keep ice-free, and access to a tractor or ride on mower, then a salt spreader that you can tow behind a vehicle is an ideal way to grit quickly. These tow behind spreaders can turn any suitable vehicle into a top notch towable gritter, even a quad bike or small off-roader.