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K-Bins small parts storage bins

If you're looking for an economical, lightweight and portable storage solution for small items our picking bins are a really great place to start. A firm favourite here at ESE Direct, our range corrugated storage bins are so popular they're literally flying of the shelves (excusing the pun).

Both A and B range cardboard containers are supplied in flat pack form. They're ever-so quick and easy to put together too. But if you do get yourself in a twist, panic ye not, check out our helpful instructional video if you need a little assistance.

So, you may be wondering, which type of storage vessel would work best for your business. Well, that would depend on two main things. The intended use, i.e what do you plan to keep in your bins? and where you're thinking of storing them.

Warehouse workers will be all too aware that having an effective storage system can greatly improve productivity and effectiveness. Ultimately leading to a better-run, more affluent business. Valuable stock needs to be kept in a clean and away from risk of damage, shelf bins are an ideal solution.

Available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, you'll certainly not struggle to find a bin to fit. When placed on shelving units or racking, it's easy to reach into them to retrieve your goods. The front is lower than the back so this not only makes it easier to gain entry, it also means it's easier to see what is contained inside.

Warehouse storage bins are readily available and generally manufactured from either corrugated cardboard or corrugated polypropylene plastic. The cardboard, or fibreboard as it is sometimes referred to, is a great choice for most environments. They're lightweight and therefore easy to lift. Despite their appearance the are surprisingly strong too.

The A range K-Bins are supplied in an attractive green and white cardboard. A range are squatter than their B range companions, measuring just ten centimetres tall. Both variants are easy to assemble thanks to their self-locking tabs.

B range cardboard storage bins are supplied in a rather more earthy, natural brown and green design. There are a few more options in terms of the height of the B range bins too. You can opt for 15cm, 20cm, 25cm or 30cm tall varieties. The extra choice in height means you have more scope as to the type of shelving that you might like to sit them on, which is a bonus.

Due to the nature of cardboard, we'd recommend not using them in damp conditions, or to store wet items such as fish.

Plastic storage boxes are the more heavy-duty of the two types of K-Bins at your disposal. They're certainly the better choice for areas of high humidity and for storing things which may have a slight moisture or coating which would more likely mark or degrade the box wall cardboard.

You can order plastic storage bins in a variety of colours including silver, orange, blue and red so you can have fun matching it with your decor and creating pretty patterns by putting them in a row on your shelf. As with the A range bins they're 10 cm tall with a semi-open front for easy access to your nuts and bolts or whatever you choose to store in them.

If you have a large number of workshop storage bins it may be wise to label them, so that somebody new to your workplace can quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. The great new is, we can supply labels for the front panel of your polypropylene K-Bins. Then all you need to do is to write on the labels and hey presto you have a super organised stockroom system.

If you're worried about keeping the dust off your products, you may want to go for a more traditional tote box style storage carton with a lid. Although our stacking boxes don't feature an attached lid, the lids are a lovely fit on top of the corrugated plastic open top box. They even feature reinforced plastic corners for extra strength when they're stacked on top of each other. Oh, and an integral carry handle so there's less worry of dropping them when in transit.

More formal wall mounted storage can be provided with fixed wall panels, known as louvred panels. They can be a great asset to storage rooms where shelving space is limited. The panels work with accompanying high density plastic CP Bins.

These hard-wearing parts bins then hook onto the panels. You can add a variety of sizes of these handy storage utensils to the panel making them really versatile. A good idea is to arrange them with the smallest bins at the top, that way you maintain good access to all your components. They come in an array of funky colours as well so you can use them to colour code your stock, match them to company uniforms or simply blend with your interior design.

So, when considering your storage requirements, keep K-Bins at the forefront of you mind. If you're looking for great value lightweight, good looking storage that comes in a multitude of measurements, get yourself some K-Bins from ESE Direct.

If you'd like further information about our selection of K-Bins please do contact our friendly sales ladies and gents on 0808 278 3660 and they will be more than happy to advise you on the best picking parts bins for your business.