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Spill Response & Cleaning

Effectively manage and respond to spills in the most efficient way possible with ESE Direct's extensive range of Spill Response and Cleaning supplies. From Absorbent Materials to Spill Kits and IBC Bunds, we stock everything you'll need to keep your workspace clean and safe. All our products are user-friendly and compliant with industry standards to ensure the protection of individuals from hazards and to mitigate any environmental damage. Explore our range in full and find the cleaning solution you require today. Alternatively, contact our product experts who will help you find the right solution for your business.

Bench & Plunger Cans

When storing flammable liquids safety is important. Our flammable liquid cans provide a safe storage environment for these liquids. Pick up a safety funnel as well to make transferring liquid even easier.

Cable & Hose Reels

Cable hose reels are perfect for industrial applications. Our hose reels can withstand temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, comes with at least 10 metres of hose and can be wall mounted to save valuable floor space, each hose has an internal diameter of each 8, 10 or 12mm and a working pressure of 17 or 20bar. Like our hose reels, our cable reels can also be wall mounted and both reels come complete with at least 15 metres of cable and one even comes fitted with an inspection lamp. Both cable reels are designed for a 240V mains supply.

Drain Covers and Spill Berms

Drain covers are an essential piece of any well stocked spill kit, they significantly reduce the chance of any spilt hazardous and harmful liquids escaping into drainage systems. Our large range contains drain covers of all shapes and sizes as well as liquid storage containers.

Drum Bunds & Drip Trays

These bunds and sumps provide secondary containment for drums. If a drum begins to leak or spill the drum bund or sumps will catch the leaked liquid until discovered. Forklift friendly, these drums and sumps allow drums to be easily moved without specialised drum lifting forklift attachments.

Floor Cleaning Machines

Vacuum cleaners, valet machines, pressure washers, mop buckets and more! Clean your cars, tractors and floors inside and out with these products!

Jerry Cans & Parts Tanks

Choose from 5, 10 and 20 litre capacity cans. Available in three colour-coded colours and choose between a plastic fuel can and steel jerry can. Funnels and measuring jugs are also available and ideal for making it easier to fill up and empty these cans.

Spill Kits

Our range of spill kits cover chemical spills, oil and fuel spills and we also supply universal spill kits and those containing recycled absorbents, suitable for the majority of spill types.