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Office Equipment

Wall and Desk Clocks for Indoor and Outdoor Use 

Need a clock for your office? We supply a number of clocks by E.A Combs London, both indoor wall clocks and weather-resistant clocks for outdoor use. Our basic wall clock battery powered and ideal for office use.

Drawing Plan Hangers & filing

In our drawing plan hangers and filing department you'll find a choice of drawing plan hangers for A1 or A0 size drawings. We also supply suspension file trolleys which are ideal for storing a significant amount of documents which may be required in a variety of locations.

In Out Boards

Ideal for businesses where it is important to know of staff availability, in and out boards offer staff a reference point to see whether members of staff are available. There are traditional in out boards and photographic in out boards for a more personal touch.

Indoor Cable Covers

At ESE Direct, we supply a huge range of office equipment and products and one of those products which may get overlooked is the humble indoor cable protector. Often trampled upon, these cable covers are designed for use in a wide range of environments where foot traffic needs to cross trailing cables. Without cover, these rogue cables can cause a trip hazard. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes our cable covers will successfully cover and protect cables from damage, as well as maintaining a safer environment.

Mail Sorting Units & Benches

Ideal for several uses our mail sorting units are available with 18 or 24 compartments and additional modules can easily be added to meet your requirements. These mail room benches provide a suitable sorting surface and our mail trolleys are perfect for distributing sorted mail throughout the office and go perfectly with our pigeon hole storage units.

Notice Boards

There are numerous notice boards to choose from including all-purpose A frame boards, lockable noticeboards and felt noticeboards that are fire resistant to comply with building regulation requirements, available in a number of different colours.

Office Privacy Screens

Opt for floor standing or desk mounted fabric-covered partition screens, which are each available in a range of colours. We also have several different size options, ideal for privacy and noise-absorption in a busy open plan office.

T-Cards & T Card Planners

Our standard and printer-compatible T Cards and T card planners are available in a wide range of card sizes and colours so that you can create your own unique planner system.

Whiteboards & Flip Charts

Pick the whiteboard that is right for you, choose from magnetic, non-magnetic and mobile whiteboards, perfect for meetings, school use and general display.

Workshop Planning Boards

These wall planners and cards are a fantastic way of improving office organisation. Documents can be stored in a visible location enabling staff to keep track of tasks, notes and other tasks. For a smaller planner system try our T Cards & planners