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Prohibition Signs

Self adhesive or rigid Prohibition Safety Signs (to convey prohibited actions to reduce risk of fire, personal injury etc) - Energy Saving Signs (to remind people to switch off and save energy) - Fire Extinguisher Signs (to indicate fire points etc).

We stock a vast range of prohibition signs, energy signs and no entry signs at ESE Direct. Red signs in workplaces are widely recognised as prohibiting specific actions or entry, and all items in our range are clearly identifiable as such. Available in self-adhesive vinyl or rigid PVC, our red signs cover safety prohibitions such as “No exit” “No Entry” “No pedestrians” “No Smoking” “No Unauthorised Vehicles Beyond This Point” and “In the event of fire do not use the lift”, as well as many others. We also have an array of Energy Saving Signs (e.g., “Please turn off the light when you leave”, “Please turn off all electrical appliances when not in use” etc).

You will also find our ISO compliant fire extinguisher signs designed to clearly indicate the types of fires each fire extinguisher should be used on. These self adhesive or rigid PVC signs provide a quick, easy to understand reference, for example water extinguishers can be used for wood, paper, textiles etc. They cannot be used on flammable liquids and electrical fires.


ISO 7010 - A Guide To New Sign Symbols

You may notice a number of changes to our Safety Signs this year. The HSSA has adopted the latest ISO EN 7010 symbols outlined in Amendments 1-6. These combine with some of the more familiar BS 5499 symbols to complete the HSSA assured range.

ISO EN 7010 has been devised to create consistent symbols, using new pictograms, which have been judgment tested across various EU countries to ensure the symbols are universally understood and recognised. The new symbols are based upon BS 5499, some have subtle differences and others are extremely different.

Your signs will be supplied to the latest specification, and therefore may look slightly different from the images.

Rigid polypropylene