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Marking & Anti Slip Tapes

Hazard and anti-slip tapes for your business

Are you looking for a semi-permanent or temporary solution for marking out areas on your floor? Then, choosing a tape would be a marvellous choice.

Wherever you intend to place your floor tape, it's a good idea to ensure that the surface is clean and free from dirt and dust. If it's a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac, give it a good sweep and wash down with water before applying for the best adhesion.

Sticking your tape to a nice flat clean surface will help it last longer. It will also the reduce the risk of the edges being caught by footwear or industrial trucks or trolleys.

Floor marking tape can also be applied to carpet. As with a hard surface, prepare it first by giving it a clean and a good going over with the vacuum cleaner or Henry hoover. The hoovering will help to remove dirt and loose carpet pile, again giving the tape a better surface to stick to.

When applying floor marking tape to carpets, here's a handy thing to know.

PVC tape, due to its makeup is naturally flexible. When stuck to carpet, the pile of the carpet will move slightly when the tape is stood on. This can pull the tape slightly. So when applying try to avoid over-stretching the tape to minimise retraction.

Warning tapes in a range of colours

With so many colours and designs you'll be spoiled for choice. They come in different widths and lengths so you'll always find one suitable for your need.

Yellow and black stripes are commonly associated with hazards, where as plain yellow tape is a great highly visible option for creating walkways in gloomy warehouses.

White tape will often be seen in the wings of a stage, it's really easy to see against black floors and curtains and in dimly lit environments. White tape is also ideal for use on the edge of steps on staging to help make them more visible and prevent accidents. For completely dark locations there are photo luminescent, that's glow in the dark to me and you, tapes so you'll always be able to follow your feet.

There are loads of line marking tapes which can cope with pedestrian traffic. But if your floor tape is likely to come into contact with the wheels of heavy machinery such as forklift trucks, it wise to opt for a heavy-duty tape.

Line marking tape application

If you have a considerable length of lines to mark out, you probably won't want to be on your hands and knees for hours applying your tape. Don't worry, there are tools to help you make light work of tape application.

Line marking tape applicators are available in a variety of styles. But generally speaking, all you have to do is load your applicator with your choice of tape, and, thanks to their wheels, the applicator will happily glide along the floor leaving a lovely trail of brand new tape behind it. You sadly do have to give it a push though, we haven't yet found one to do that bit for you.