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Industrial Walkway Matting

Suitable for use in warehouses and factories, this walkway matting creates non-slip areas for people to walk on. Typically made from PVC, it has drainage holes that allows liquid to flow through which is helpful for areas where spillages are common. These holes also mean debris falls through to maintain a safe working environment. Resistant to most chemicals these mats are suitable for all types of industrial applications with some made just for the food and drink industry. Unlike other rubbing matting, this PVC matting tends not to be glued down, but is loose laid on the floor so it can be moved for cleaning.

Industrial PVC matting for your workplace

Our comprehensive mat range also includes roof walkway matting which can be used on gantries and flat roofs. This provides extra grip in high places in a variety of weather conditions. A high level of slip resistance is obliviously required in these situations.

Back down on the factory floor, some of our high quality flooring also acts as anti-fatigue matting. This can be useful both along high traffic corridors and placed directly in front of work areas where people stand for long periods. This offers the chance to reduce staff tiredness as well as a safe anti-slip surface whilst people walk around the work floor.

The heavy duty walkway matting tends to have smaller holes, meaning that it weighs more and can bear more weight. As the holes get bigger, there is less structural integrity to the matting, making it lighter but less sturdy.

This design of lattice PVC makes for a practical flooring solution. Whereas other solid industrial floor mats will allow dirt and stones to sit on top, these bits of debris fall safely into the gaps between the material until they can be cleared away. Items included in the list of things that this matting can be cleaned with include soap, hot water and a pressure washer, meaning it can be regularly kept clean.

The ability for this flooring to trap dirt can be particularly useful if it is being used as entrance matting. This means the matting flooring can be used to collect dirt and debris from outside without it being spread further into the factory.

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