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In / Out Boards

Staff In Out Boards

Our range of in and out boards allow the availability of staff to be easily seen. In and out boards are available in many different variations with options that include segregated sections of a board for different departments, photo identification and whiteboard options for writing notes and messages for each person.

These in and out boards provide easy visibility of each employee’s in or out status and make an effective tracking system. The systems are able to expand in a modular method with in and out boards being used side by side, additional boards can be added as required. The week to view in / out boards are ideal where staff are in and out of the office during week.

It is very important to be able to keep track of staff for security and safety purposes, so that even a simple in out board can alert other staff members to who is in the building in the even of having to muster at an assembly point. Many of these boards come with a wall fixing kit to enable them to be mounted in a visible place, such as reception, and give a way to identify personnel who are out.