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Rock Salt & De-Icing Products

A range of de-icing products, from brown salt through to chemical melts

The choice of products to clear ice from car parks and paths is quite wide and takes a certain amount of consideration. What might be practical for a single entrance business is not going to work where there is a large car park to clear.

The ability to keep work areas slip free and accessible to vehicles vital important to most businesses, making it possible for both staff and customers to get to your premises. At the basic end of the market, brown salt, or grit, is used to both melt ice and to provide extra friction under foot and beneath tires, however, it does tend to leave an ugly brown residue that sticks to shoes and makes cars dirty. White salt is cleaner and generally thought to be better quality, but does lack the element of small particles that improve grip. Lastly, liquid de-icers are gaining in popularity, although do need to be applied via a liquid de-icer sprayer.