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Cycle Racks

Types of Outdoor Bike Racks, Bike Stands and Cycle Hoops Explained

Universal Bike Racks

Our universal Bike Parking Racks can be wall mounted, floor-fixed or even grouted into concrete and can accommodate anything from a single bicycle like the Post mounted bike racks to 15 or 20 bikes by using the Rail mounted bike racks. Or if you need the cycles to be stored much closer together you could choose the dual height freestanding multi level bike storage racks which have ramps in every other position to allow the bike handlebars to miss each other.

Cycle Hoops

Traditional exterior U-shaped bike stands are surface mounted and can also be concreted in. Our range comprises the traditional Sheffield Stand and Bilton bike stands which holds 2 bicycles, to the hoop racks that can accommodate up to 8 bikes at a time. These are more secure than most other types of bike rack as both the frame and the wheel can be secured, rather than just a wheel.

We've introduced a range of Express Sheffield Stands. Should you need any bike racks quicker than the standard delivery these are available from stock in 1-3 working days and at a lower price.

Compact Bicycle Storage

Compact bicycle storage width can be achieved by using the Pillar or Claw bike racks or if you also require the bicycles to be compactly stored in the depth, semi-vertical bike racks or fully vertical bike racks can be used (as long as you have enough headroom) as the cycles are pushed up steep ramps before being locked in place.

Concrete Bike Stands

For the ultimate outdoor cycle stand, you could go for one of our concrete-in models. These hoops are ideal for parking multiple cycles in a single location, and can be easily fitted within a cycle shelter to provide bike stands that are protected from rain.