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Hard Hats

Hard hats and head protection

Safety head gear must be worn, by law, in any situation where there is a risk of head injury, examples of areas where the wearing of hard hats is essential, include, but are not limited to: building sites, assembly of steel work, assembly of timber frames, quarries, civil engineering, demolition, working at height and work with cranes and other lifting equipment.

It is the responsibility of employers to provide suitable head protection and ensure that mandatory signs clearly identify areas where head protection must be worn, in turn it is the employees responsibility to wear the head protection provided properly and report any damage straight away.

The range of head protection from ESE Direct Limited covers the basic standards for safety head wear and specifically meets the following standards.

EN 397 Industrial safety helmets meet the basic requirements for shock absorption and penetration resistance. They are especially suitable for use in the construction and manufacturing industries. They provide vertical shock absorption (protection against falling objects) as well as protection against beams or low ceilings and thus protect against brain injuries or skull fractures. Protection against lateral deformation only helps to a limited extent in the case of flying objects or impacts.

EN 50365 Electrically insulated helmets are for electricians and live electrical work. They meet all the requirements for helmets according to EN 397 and also offer protection against electrical voltage.

EN 812 and EN 812:212 Industrial bump caps provide impact protection only against static objects - low ceilings, beams or hanging obstructions, they will also provide protection against sharp or pointed objects.