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Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting 3mm and 6mm

Our large range of rubber matting is used in many different environments. We have voltage tested electrical safety ESD matting that provides protection in electrical environments. Many of our rubber matting rolls and products have the option of being able to purchase cut lengths of matting to the length you require, reducing the need to buy the whole matting roll.

There are so many uses for rubber flooring matting, in fact you don't even need to use it as a floor covering, it can also be used to cover table tops and line drawers, to protect tools and stop items sliding around.

Many people find these rubber products to be ideal for use as stable mats. When used as stable matting, it can reduce the amount of time taken to muck out a horse and greatly improve the cleanliness of the horse's home. Due to the properties of quality rubber, the flooring will also act to cushion the impact of hooves on concrete and help to protect equine knees in the event of a stumble.

Also within the horse world, our matting rolls can be placed in horse boxes to improve the comfort of travelling animals.

Within our selection of rubber mats, there are a number of elements to consider, the first of which is thickness. A 6mm thick mat will be quite heavy to lift and less flexible, so not so good for applications where weight needs to be kept to a minimum. The advantage of a heavy duty mat is that it is less likely to curl up at the edges, due to the added rigidity. A 3mm thick mat will be easier to lay and cut, but will offer less protection.

Another use of this very flexible product is in the lining of workshop drawers. Once glued down it softens the impact of dropping tools and makes the action of opening and closing the draw quieter. In order to fit our rubber to the base of a drawer or cupboard, simply measure the size you need and carefully cut with a knife. Handily, when supplied as a rubber roll of mat, it can then be cut to your desired length and glued down.

If you move stock on flat bed trolleys, then this matting can also be stuck to the platform surface. This can the benefits of stopping items sliding off and protecting the load from damage caused by the hard platform.

Just for fun, you could even place pieces of rubber mat on walls as it contains sound absorbing properties. Maybe you have a garage that you use as a reherasl room for your Heavy Metal group. It's also great for stopping drum kits from moving around. In this case you could create an entirely rubber garage!.

Rubber matting rolls

If you have a need to cover a large area you could buy a whole roll of rubber matting. The rolls tend to be ten metres in length and can then be cut to length as required. The advantages of a complete roll are that it is easier to store than cut pieces and can just be unrolled and used as required. Fitting it to a floor would just be a case of laying it down, unspooling it. Then it would need to be stuck down with adhesive and trimmed to size.

Rubber tiles and gym matting

Another popular use of rubber flooring is within fitness centres. Rubber sheet is ideal foruse as gym matting. The anti slip properties help provide a safe environment. These flooring rolls are also just the ticket for placing beneath heavy gym equipment. It will make the equipment stay put and protect the floor beneath the rubber flooring. With anti fatigue elements an extra bonus.

The patterns on the matting can also vary greatly. Often used in entrances, a circular or coin pattern increases grip and is easy to keep clean. The fluted options have small channels in the surface which can aid in the drainage of water from the surface of them. Lastly there is checker plate design, where individual rubber tiles are combined to form a pattern

If you're on your feet for prolonged periods of time, you'll know how achy your legs and feet may become. A solution to this can be to lay rubber matting with anti fatigue properties. This type of flooring absorbs some of the impact from your legs thus reducing tiredness and pains that can occur from a lot of standing.

Do you need expert advice on buying high quality rubber products?

At ESE Direct, we have over forty year's of experience with the supply of rubber for use on floors, if you need advice on thickness, fitting or suitability of applications, such as for garage flooring, we are on hand to talk you through the options and offer solutions to problems you may have.

Van Matting

Rubber matting is also very useful for fitting out the inside of a work van. Since many commercial vehicles act as mobile workshops, the ability to have a non-slip and protective flooring is very important. Easily washed, it can be fitted very easily with just a knife and spray adhesive. If it gets old, stained and damaged, the matting can be simply removed from the van and replaced.