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Pallet Cages & Metal Stillages

These metal pallet cages are an effective method of storing equipment that needs to be easily moved. The Heavy Duty Mesh Folding Pallet Cages have wheels so they can be pushed along and they can all be moved in the same way a pallet is moved with either hand trucks or a forklift. Being stackable they are also compact to store too. The drop front provides easy access to the contents of the pallet cage and the wire mesh allows contents to be visible.

When choosing which of these steel cages to purchase, the main consideration will be how much weight you need the cage to hold. For high capacity requirements, choose our 1000kg capacity collapsible Hypacage Mesh Pallet Cages. Pallet cages are available with castor wheels should a mobile unit be required. There is also a choice of sizes available, these include standard euro pallet sizes. Our stackable pallet cages are used in conjunction with a standard wooden or plastic pallet to create a retention unit and they can be stacked up to 4 high providing large storage areas.

Post Pallets & Metal Stillages

These stacking steel stillages are also known as post pallets and box pallets. They’re able to hold up to a massive 1000kg (1 tonne) and can be used for storage and transportation of goods. These sturdy, solid pallets are available with mesh sides (either completely enclosed on the sides or with one side partly or fully open) to allow higher products to be stored in the pallet without risking any damage from goods falling from the pallet. These steel pallets are also raised off of the ground to enable easy access via a forklift so that the pallets can be moved and placed into vans and lorries if needed.