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Coldroom Shelving

Practical and robust shelving for your Coldroom

These white refined polypropylene shelving bays are available with either grille or solid shelves in a choice of 400, 500 or 600mm deep. Grille shelves provide effective airflow, making them great for storing food items whereas solid shelves retain their contents better if there is a risk of spillage.

Assembly is easy as the shelves are boltless, so do not require any nuts and bolts to put together. Adjusting the shelf heights is just as easy, with lugs placed every 10cm. These units have a sealed in steel core so they're really strong, their polypropylene outer means they are rustproof making them an ideal storage product for use in wet areas, cold rooms and freezers. Polypropylene is also anti-static, meaning they are also safe for storing electrical equipment.

To create a mobile shelving bay, we offer a set of 4 castors, designed specifically for these shelving bays, these castors allow products to be safely moved between areas whenever needed. With two brakes you can be assured that the bay can be securely stored between use.