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ESD Workbenches

Anti-static Workstations

Our cantilever ESD workbenches aren’t just anti-static – they’re very robust too. The cantilever design means you’ll also get appreciably more leg room for working. These static dissipative workbenches have strong, welded steel tubular frames and channel supports. They have adjustable feet for total stability. We also supply a general purpose anti-static workbench in six different sizes. These general purpose benches come with Norastat or Lamstat worktops, as well as height adjustable ESD workbenches.

Commonly used to protect components from accidental electrostatic discharge. An ESD workstation is a common site in workshops and assembly lines. They help protect items being worked on from damage by static electricity. This damage can be caused by charge building up on people or tools. The bench works by keeping people permanently attached to an earth, preventing the static build that would otherwise happen.

These heavy duty benches are ideal for electrostatic protected areas. These areas may also required special ESD chairs and matting in order to fully protect against static damage.

ESD Worktops & Accessories

Available with Lamstat or Norastat worktops. To add to your bench, extension benches can also be purchased as well as a range of accessories. These accessories include a variety of mobile and desk-fixed cupboards and drawers. You can get Norastat and Lamstat upper shelves, louvre panels and zinc pinboards, static control earth leads with three-pin plugs. RCB circuit breakers, a range of electrical service ducts and static control wrist straps can also be added.