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Industrial Workbenches

A comprehensive range of industrial workbenches from ESE Direct.

Assembly Workbenches

UK-made standard assembly workbenches are designed to be extremely versatile as each bench has numerous extension sections, lower shelves, drawers, cupboards, top shelves, electrical trunking, back panels and lights that can be added to them to provide the perfect workbench to suit your particular application. These assembly workbenches are most cost effective with welded tubular steel leg frames and four feet, and if you prefer improved leg room and no lower bracing, we have cantilever frame assembly benches as well, both of which are exceptionally rigid, providing superb stability.

ESD Workbenches

Our mostly UK-made static-safe ESD workbenches, or Electro Static Dissipative benches, are designed for use in static sensitive areas such as PCB and electronics assembly, repair or maintenance static safe environments. Also available with four legs or L-shaped or cantilever bench frames for maximum flexibility. We also have a quality range of height adjustable ESD benches from Finland that adjust from 650mm to 900mm high so you can sit or stand at them to work as the mood takes you. The ESD anti-static workbenches are also available with a range of accessories which compliment these workbenches, including anti-static rubber mats, plastic bins and ESD chairs.

General Purpose Benches

Choose our easy to assemble UK-made Just workbenches which use standard shelving components to create practical benches for general use or even packing. If you need something more heavy duty, try our Bott workbenches which are available in different worktop finishes and capacities of up to 500kg. Each bench also has a number of accessories and all are remarkably robust. 

Height Adjustable Benches

If you need to stand at your bench or sometimes sit down at it, then our extensive range of adjustable height workbenches are the right choice for you. The UK-made remier height adjustable benches use hand cranks to make adjusting the height very quick and easy and are available with a number of accessories to enable you to customise your workstation to your specific needs. The range of WB, TP, TPH workbenches are made in Finland, the more cost-effective benches use Allen keys to adjust the bench height, or a retractable cranked handle, but for the ultimate ease in adjusting the bench height there are electric adjustable height workbenches, ideal for spaces where your bench has multiple users.

Packing Benches

Purpose made packing benches to help speed up the packaging of your products. Each packing station is available with a choice of laminate, hardwood, MDF or MFC work surfaces and has many accessories available such as kraft paper or cardboard roll holders, shelves, rotary cutters and even a hopper and packing station with a mesh top to dispense loose filing into your boxes and catch overspill. Or if you are on a budget you could choose a basic packing bench and add packaging accessories as and when you need them.

Stainless Steel Workbenches

If you need a table or bench for food preparation, production or other hygienic uses, then our 304 grade stainless steel workbenches are ideal. Available as a basic stainless steel table or with stainless steel shelves, drawers and cupboards, these workbenches are ideal for your commercial kitchen, clean room or food processing needs.

Welded Steel Benches

Our high quality, British-made fully welded steel workbenches are ideal for use in workshops or as an engineering bench that can be customised by adding retaining lips, cupboards, drawers, lower shelves and much more. These heavy duty steel workbenches have a generous capacity of 1000kg and come with the option of steel, laminate, ply or lino worktops to suit your particular application and environment.

We also offer the Bott fully welded workbenches which are available as a static or mobile workbench and up to 750kg capacity (300kg on mobile bench) which are extremely robust and highly functional.

Workbench Kits

In creating workbench kits, we wanted to make your life easier when buying workbenches as there are so many variations, options and accessories available, so we have created these workbench kits which represent the most popular UK-made workbenches we get asked for. Our kits include static safe square tube ESD workbenches for anti-static environments, standard cantilever workbenches and four legged square tube benches.

If you can't find a workbench to suit your application call our experts and we will match one to your specific needs.