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Picking Trolleys

Perfect your order-picking process with a practical picking trolley from ESE Direct. Designed with lots of shelves, boxes and storage capacity, our range of trolleys allow you to move around your warehouse, select your products ready for dispatch without the need to go backwards and forward for individual orders. Save yourself time, and effort with our collection of quality stock picking trolleys, explore the range today.

Warehouse order picking trolleys

These trolleys are commonly used in warehouses in order to pick stock to fulfill orders. They often comprise of a frame that holds boxes.

A warehouse trolley is a vital part of materials handling and will allow orders to be picked efficiently and quickly. This in turn will make it easier for staff to pick more orders at once, reducing the staff numbers needed.

All these picking trolleys are designed for easy movement along warehouse aisles and between pallet racking bays. As they move around the warehouse, they can be filled up with stock that has been ordered, which is then moved back to the packing area.

These products are more heavy duty and better suited to warehouse life, unlike folding trolleys. Some even include an integrated step ladder in order to reach higher products.

They can be moved by hand and operated by a single person, therefor combining the best parts of a standard platform trolleys and sack trucks, . Our heavy duty trolleys are great for a range of warehouse tasks. Not only can they be used to pick orders, but also to reload and redistribute new stock coming in.

A specialised product such as a warehouse picking trolley is adapted to excel at its role of assembling orders ready to be sent out, as opposed to a general purpose platform truck which can perform a wide variety of uses.

The advantage of these trolleys is the ability to carry multiple items at once, however if you would rather have a hand truck, we can also supply a wide range of these. The large capacity of these trolleys is achieved either with a large platform of with a number of separate boxes. These wheeled products are a type of hand trolley, as they rely on human power to move them along, unlike fork lift trucks or powered solutions.

Even if you have an automated warehouse, manual order picking is often required to move stock to conveyor belts or to find special products.