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Multi-Purpose Sack Trucks

Select a sack truck trolley to transform your workplace

Are you tired of swapping from one piece of moving and handling equipment to another? Never quite find the right tool to move everything you need? That's where these fantastic multi-purpose trucks are the solution to your problem.

If you're are tasked with transporting heavy and cumbersome loads on a regular basis, you'll probably be all too aware of the need for a moving cart that can cope with all your manual handling assignments. Not only does the correct handling equipment make life more pleasant, it also reduces the risk of injury. Aches and pains due to repetitive strain are another troublesome result off a lot of heavy awkward lifting without the correct equipment.

This range of convertible sack trucks can cleverly cope with two roles. The first being a good old fashioned sack truck, or hand truck. The second being that of a platform truck or trolley. We like to look at them a little like the Jekyll and Hyde of the trolley world.

Sack it to 'em

Can you believe, sack trolleys have been around since the late 1800's?! Of course, their main use back then was in fact, for moving heavy sacks around at the docks. The trucks were often used by small boys who would have really struggled to move the sacks without their truck.

Nowadays sack trucks are used by businesses everywhere to move and distribute a plethora of products. The toe plate will effortlessly slide beneath your item. Simply tip your truck towards you, sometimes a little flick of the foot on the bottom bar between the wheels is required for heavier items, and off you go.

The heavy-duty nature of many of our trucks mean they can cope with loads weighing up to 400 kilogrammes. These are definitely not the kind of weights anyone would want to be attempting moving without the aid of a truck.

Turn your truck into a trolley

So, the second role that these multi-function trucks perform is that of a platform trolley. Thanks to the extra wheels at the top of the frame, the convertible hand trucks can be laid onto their backs. The carts platform then provides a nice big area to place large unwieldy items.

When converting your folding sack truck into the platform trolley, the handle is replaced into an upright position so you don't have to worry about pushing onto your load, which may be fragile, in order to get the trolley to move.

Some of the trolleys feature puncture proof wheels making them the winner on bumpy uneven ground. The solid rubber wheels also provide a smooth ride for your precious cargo.

The 3-way, or 3 in 1 trucks add another dimension to your choice of hand truck dolly. The third position creates a 45 degree barrow. So, a bit like a sack truck once tilted but with the added support of back wheel. The back wheels help by absorbing some of the weight of your load.

You could say that in this mode, they act rather like a hefty heavy-duty sack truck. They are surely some of the strongest products within our selection of triple-function trolleys.

Another great thing about deciding upon a multi-purpose sack truck is that you only need to store the one item. Owning a separate sack truck and platform can take up valuable storage space in your workshop, warehouse, or school shed. Where as the combination folding trolley means you only need to find room for the one item so is ideal for easy storage.

Unsure which position will work best for your load. A handy tip can be to consider the depth of your load. If the toe plate in sack truck mode covers less than a third of the area, then for safety, it's best to use as a flat bed platform. This will provide your package with much greater support.

Although these terrific trucks boast many amazing assets, they do struggle with stairs. if you're in the market for a trolley which makes moving items up and down stairs a breeze, check out our range of specially designed stair climbing trolleys.

So, whether you're a delivery driver or school caretaker, postman or warehouse worker, you'll love these multi-function trucks. Certainly one to add to your Christmas wish list.

Need a bespoke trolley? This is something we may well be able to provide for you too! So, give us a buzz on 0808 163 3811 and chat to one of our knowledgeable product experts who'll be more than happy to help.