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An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable life saving device, providing the shock required to the heart in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. These defibrillator units guide the operator through the required steps of the CPR process, providing clear spoken instructions. Their easy to operate features prompt the user and reduce the risk of human error and automate the process.

We're able to offer a range of defibrillators, including the Philips HeartStart®HS1 Defibrillator which is not only suitable for use on adults but can be used on children and infants, with a minimum 5 year battery shelf life and daily, weekly and monthly automated checks this defibrillator will be ready when needed. While the Zoll AED Plus® defibrillator is a more than capable defibrillator ideal for minimally trained emergency first aiders, this defibrillators unique graphical display and text commands are able to guide user through the defibrillation process and the semi-automatic design only requires the push of a button. In addition to this Philips defibrillator we also have a couple of Zoll AEDs, fully automatic and semi automatic.

Our AED Trainers & CPR Manikins, the AED trainers are designed primarily for training purposes; they provide students with hands on experience that they may not otherwise get. Each AED trainer mimics the operation of the actual defibrillator helping first-aiders learn and to familiarise themselves with the operation in a stress free environment.

CPR Manikins provide instructors and students to learn and practice the correct CPR technique for a given situation. Manikins are available for infants, small children and adults giving realistic feedback to help the training process. These CPR manikins can be purchased individually or in economical packs of 4 ideal for instructors.