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Storage Cupboards

Secure Computer Workstations & Cupboards

Browse through our range of high quality, durable, industrial computer workstations, designed for secure use in factories, workshops and warehouse environments, they have lockable cupboards for the PC and optionally for the keyboard and monitor to prevent tampering and unauthorised access or use. 

Metal Storage Cupboards & Workshop Cupboards

Our metal general storage cupboards are available in a number of different sizes and as single door cupboards or double door cupboard configurations. You can also choose full width or half width hanging rail to provide clothes storage, or janitors cupboards which are available with a selection of small compartments for the storage of consumables, folded clothing or personal possessions and larger sections to store tall items like brushes and vacuum cleaners. We even have cupboards on wheels to enable them to be moved from area to area saving you from having to carry the contents of the cupboard, and a wall fixed cupboard if sufficient floor space is not available. Plus if you need a cupboard to store your hi-vis and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and protective clothing, or to use as a workshop cupboard to store your tools, spares, or even documentation, we have just the thing for you.

High Security Cupboards

Our security cupboards are ideal for storing valuable material and equipment and are available in several different sizes and configurations. The high security cupboards can include extra locks, reinforced solid doors and welded seams and can be freestanding or wall mounted cupboards. We also have a range of secure sliding door and hinged door welded mesh cupboards that are secure but also enable you to see the contents within if required, and even a TuffStor high security cabinet with forklift pockets to enable it to be lifted around on site when required.

Industrial Workstations

Looking for an alternative to traditional workbenches? Our industrial workstations are designed specifically to provide employees, line managers and supervisors with a stable work surface that they can use to wrap goods, assembly products and fill in paperwork without ever having to leave the area. Each of our workstations is supplied with some form of built in storage, whether it's a lockable cupboard, drawers or an open front workstation with height adjustable shelves depends purely on the product you've chosen! If you can't find what you're looking for or you require something that little bit different, why not give us a ring? Our friendly sales team will be happy to help!

Industrial Cupboards

Our excellent quality industrial metal cupboards are available in a large variety of sizes to suit most applications. They are also available as single door cupboards or double door cupboards up to 1.22m wide. Most of the industrial storage cupboards are painted finish but if you require hygienic storage cupboards they are also available in 304 grade stainless steel with or without drawers.

Parts Bin Cabinets

These metal parts bin cabinets or cupboards are designed specifically for securely storing components in plastic containers on the steel shelves. They are made to suit the plastic containers and are slightly smaller than normal cupboards to ensure you can maximise on the storage capacity of your area. They are also lockable cabinets to provide a secure store and come already assembled for quick use. Some of the storage bin cupboards are also available complete with the plastic containers as kits.