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Cleaning Supplies

Create a sparkling clean environment with industrial cleaning supplies

It's vital to keep workplaces, schools and universities clean to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Environments with a high footfall require daily cleaning. This means a large quantity and variety of cleaning products and utensils will be used.

Everything you need for a well stocked cleaning cupboard

Many commercial cleaning supplies are available in large quantities. This makes them cost-effective and easy to store. 5 litre bottles of disinfectants, bleaches and soaps can be dispensed into smaller trigger spray bottles for sharing between departments. Dispensing also helps cleaning trolleys remain lightweight and easier to move as the bulk supplies can remain in the cleaning cupboard. Leaving the trigger spray bottles full of lovely cleaning fluids to go out on the job.

Pack your janitorial trolley full of a range of cleaning products before you set off on your cleaning tasks. This will avoid arriving at your destination at the opposite end of site only to realise you've forgotten your Marigolds.

Trade cleaning supplies to help you get the job done

Selecting the right cleaning fluid for the task in hand makes sense. Using the correct cleaning chemicals generally makes a job easier, and the outcome will be a better, fresher finish.

So, for washroom and toilet cleaning you'll like to consider bulk supplies of bleach, pine disinfectant and sanitary cleaner. Soaps and soap dispensers are a great alternative to traditional bars of soap, which can leave residue on wash basins. Being slippery little suckers they are easily dropped, and when left on bathroom floors can create a real slip hazard! And, don't forget to stock up on toilet roll!

Maintaining the cleanliness of glass in windows and doors and on room partitions can have a huge impact on the feel of a place. Clean windows allow natural light to flow into the room which improves wellbeing. They look nice too. Use window cleaning spray along with microfibre cleaning cloths for a sparkling shine.

Floor cleaning can be conquered with a standard mop and bucket, along with some lovely foamy warm water laced with fresh aroma disinfectant. Other cleaning equipment on offer for carpet cleaning are the likes of wet vacuum cleaners. When used periodically with carpet shampoo, they'll remove bacteria and unsightly marks and stains.

For hard floors, such as those in assembly halls and corridors, a simple broom can be used to remove loose debris. Follow this with a heavy-duty floor maintaining machine and maintaining fluid and job's a goodun.

There are many lesser-known commercial cleaning products that are available that do the job just as well as the leading brands like Evans Vanodine.

Don't forget, janitorial supplies such as cleaning trolleys, laundry trolleys and mop buckets are the ideal companion for your cleaning supplies.

Vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers and pressure washers are also available at competitive prices and can be a godsend for larger tasks, check them out.