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Parking Posts & Traffic Barriers

Parking Bollards

Whatever your premises, we supply the parking bollards or posts for your needs. Whether you need them for car parks, driveways, parking spaces or pedestrian areas, you can choose from our range of Fixed, Removable, Boundary and Folding Parking posts for your business or establishment.

Our Removable Posts are ideal for temporary parking control, restricting access to pedestrian precincts and forming a rigid barrier when aligned. We also have a range of folding posts and barriers in a variety of sizes, which can be locked with a padlock or key. All are constructed from tough, weather-proof steel and have galvanised or powder coated finishes.

Folding Parking Posts

If you need to restrict access to a parking space when not in use, then lockable, folding parking posts are what you need. Designed to be fitted into tarmac or concrete, they come with a lock meaning that they can be lowered when required, by anyone with the key, preventing unwanted usage.

All our parking posts are used as barriers to prevent spaces being used by unauthorised people or prevent access. This makes them ideal for parking spaces and driveways. In order to be effective, a park barrier needs to be both heavy duty enough to stand up to traffic and high visibility so that it acts as a visual deterrent.

A collection of parking posts can be placed in near each other to form part of a traffic management system or to control access to construction sites. They differ to security bollards in that these posts are meant to be removed to allow access, whereas bollards tend to be permanent barrier systems.

If you need parking posts both supplied and fitted, please call us on 0808 278 2009 and we can discuss your bollard project.