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Sack Trucks

First developed in the 1700's to help move sacks of goods such as potatoes, these sacks trucks come on a little bit since then! Gone are wooden frames and replacing them, lightweight aluminium and sturdy steel tube. At ESE Direct we have been supplying quality moving and handling equipment for decades. Whether you need a compact folding truck that can fit in the boot of your vehicle or something to help you carry bulky items up stairs you'll find what you need right here. Baffled by the range? help is always available, call our technical product team on 0808 258 3091.

Multi-Purpose Sack Trucks

If you routinely lift irregular shaped or heavy loads, our adjustable sack trucks may interest you. They are often referred to as multi-purpose sack trucks or trolleys because they have dual purposes and can be used as conventional upright sack trucks as well as trolleys. With just a few movements extra wheels or metal supports appear to form two-way cargo trucks with a flat bed, three or four wheels and a nice upright handle. There are also multi-purpose three-way trolleys or trucks that allow you to incline the load backwards by about 45 degrees in case you can't lay it down on its side for some reason. Chair trolleys are also referred to as multi-purpose or adjustable sack trucks because some of them have arms that you can protrude from the upright part of the truck to support the underside of the chairs you are carrying. With load capacities ranging from under 200kg to 400kg we know we have an adjustable sack truck for your needs.

Folding Sack Trucks

Folding sack trucks come in two main types - A fully folding sack barrow where the handles and toe fold to provide extremely compact barrows when not in use, to enable storage in tight spaces, your car boot, or the back of your lorry. The second is a folding toe sack truck or barrow which usually has an extra-long tubular toe that folds up when not in use to enable the sack truck to be stored in reasonably confined spaces. Some of these also have a second smaller fixed flat toe underneath the long folding toe of the truck to enable smaller loads to be carried as well if needed. These folding toe sack barrows are sturdy enough to carry weights ranging from 60kg to over 250kg depending on the model, pick your one today.

Stair Climbing Trolleys

Stair climbing trolleys, or stair climber trucks as they are also called, are most commonly used to convey heavy or awkward loads up or down steps and stairs. Similar to sack truck wheels, they're featured at the rear of your truck, but have 3 wheels on each side rather than two. Like most others our stair trolleys have three wheels each side of the barrow mounted on a triangular plate to enable them to rotate as you move up or down stairs. But they also provide extra stability on flat surfaces because two wheels on each side of the trolley are in contact with the ground. You will be hard-pressed to find a better range of ingenious stair climber trucks than ours because they include trolleys with skids to help support the load if you need to lay it down, folding toe stair climber truck and even an extra wide truck if you have bulky loads.

Standard Sack Trucks

Our huge range of standard sack trucks are all well-designed and are available in many shapes and sizes. We have quality British made super strong heavy duty sack trucks designed for regular use in commercial and industrial environments to carry loads of up to 300kg, to light duty sack trucks in metal or lightweight aluminium for less frequent use and just about every other sack barrow in between. If in any doubt about the suitability of your chosen sack truck or sack barrow for your needs please contact us, as we have too many years industry experience to mention and love to help.

White Goods Sack Trucks

Our range of white goods trucks or appliance trucks as they are also referred to (mainly because it is fridges, freezers, ovens, washing machines these sack barrows tend to carry, but they can be used for many different things as well) are designed to make moving of very heavy and bulky goods as easy as possible. Most of the fridge trolleys have rubber padding added to the metal frames to help protect the goods in transit from damage, and some also have extra handles available that can be fitted to enable two people to lift and manoeuvre the white goods truck easier (particularly good in tight confined spaces or to get up steps).

Different features of sacks trucks

Sack Truck Wheels

Pneumatic tyre wheels provide smoother manoeuverability over rough terrain and are the best choice of wheel type for outdoor use. Solid tyres are more commonly used in warehouse or factory applications when the sack truck is used on smooth floors. Being solid rather than filled with air, solid wheels have the advantage that they do not puncture, but are harder to push over bumpy ground.

Sack Barrow Frame Construction

Steel or aluminium are the two main types of material available for sack truck construction. Aluminium sack trucks are lighter whilst still being strong, however these are generally more expensive due to the sack barrow manufacturing process. Steel sack trucks are wet painted or powder coated to provide rust resistance (and make them look presentable). Depending on whether they are heavy duty sack trucks, medium duty or light duty sack barrows they will be constructed with care and have a maximum safe working load capacity in kilogrammes. Most common are tubular sack trucks, but some manufacturers prefer angle iron sack trucks although these do tend to be heavier as they are fully welded solid steel rather than bent and shaped hollow steel or aluminium tubes.

Sack Truck Handle types

There are many different types of sack barrow handles and the design is mainly down to your personal preference. However P handle sack trucks tend to provide greater flexibility as they allow easy pulling of a sack truck with just one hand (leaving the other to steady the load, or open doors etc). Regular two handle sack trucks also have very varied handle positions, but most of them are tilted backwards from the load (sometimes with knuckle guards which do what they say they do) providing greater leverage when lifting a laden sack truck and helping to reduce the risk of trapping your hand between the load and the sack barrow. There is also an increasing number of what we call D handle sack barrows coming to market and these tend to be on folding sack trucks but also on others, they are great for being able to move between one or two handed operation as and when you need but you do just need to make sure the load is not to close to the handle unless it is tilted backwards.