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Temporary Barriers

Movable expanding barriers for your business

For those moments when you need to create a barrier but don't want a permanent fixture, grab yourself a temporary barrier.

A great feature of the expanding barrier, those are the ones which look like a set of oversized lazy tongs, is that they will fold up when not in use, meaning they take up minimal valuable storage space.

Temporary barriers offer a wide range of uses.

If you operate a warehouse which houses a roller door, for safety reasons you may want to restrict pedestrian access via the roller door but not want to close it as it could look like you've already shut up shop.

An expanding gate is an ideal solution for this scenario. Their eye-catching zigzag appearance and bright colouring makes them highly visible, even from a distance so as to avoid any accidental bumping into them.

You may have spotted these sort of barrier fences used at car park entrances to prevent vehicular access when it's getting towards closing time.

Expanding barriers are generally manufactured from two materials, steel or high quality plastic. Both options are lightweight making them quick and easy to deploy.

Expandable safety barriers can be used at events such as pop concerts to create separate areas, for example for VIP's, but also to cordon off areas where machinery and equipment is present which could be hazardous.

The barriers are available in a variety of lengths to fit a range of apertures. If you're looking for a longer length of barrier, you can construct a long run of temporary fencing by connecting individual expanding barriers together.

Yellow and black barriers for cordoning off hazardous areas.

There are a number of safety barriers designed for internal use, aimed at specific purposes. For instance the range of plastic safety barriers for location in front of lifts which are out of order, or during maintenance work.

If you're looking for a really heavy duty solution, you may like to consider an InstaGate expanding barrier. These high quality barriers offer a high level of crowd control and also restrict vehicle access.

You'll notice these impressively tall barriers used around civil engineering and construction sites. Their sheer height makes them really tricky to bypass. They're on wheels which makes them straightforward to deploy. Their high quality structure makes them the epitome of the very best in security fences.

There are other examples of barriers which can be installed as semi-permanent structures such as mesh fence for exterior use or retractable belt barriers more often used internally. And if you're after heavy-duty pedestrian barriers or traffic barriers and cones approved for use on highways we can supply those for you too.

All of the temporary barrier systems supplied by ESE Direct are available with free delivery. If you're fretting over your fencing and need pointing in the right direction, do get in touch with our knowledgeable sales team on 0808 274 7746 and they'll be more than happy to assist.