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Office Fans

Desk, pedestal and tower fans for your offices

In the hot weather, every business needs office fans. The need to move cool air around the work space is central to creating a comfortable environment for staff. Whether you need a floor fan or a pedestal fan, at ESE Direct we have a huge range to create the desired effect.

Whilst air conditioning can be a hot topic in the office, a simple fan can be a much more popular choice. As fans only move around existing air, rather than actually reduce the temperature, they give the feel of a nice breeze without the arctic conditions.

When the temperature is high, even a small fan can create a big difference to the comfort levels in a workplace. The ability to place a number of these items around a room can also mean that all staff can have the amount of cool breeze they require.

Many of our fans are very cost effective, especially when compared to the high expense of air conditioners. This is true both of initial investment and ongoing running costs.

If your fan is to be used in call centre type environment, then noise is a big consideration. You need to lookout for a quiet fan will make phone conversations difficult to hear. This is true of high velocity models or industrial fans.

Even a modest desk fan will still move a decent amount of air and some of the smallest can even by USB powered. This means that each computer user can have their own private supply of cooling air.

If you are looking at a pedestal fan, the will typically come with an oscillation function. This means that when running the head of the fan will rotate a set amount. As a result a single unit is able to cover a far larger area that would normally be the case. Another advantage of this is that the air flow is not constantly in the same direction.

Another factor in fan selection is the fan speed. Many of these models will have various speed settings, allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of air being moved. This gives control over output and allows everyone to stay cool.

What could be better than enjoying a nice cooling fan without the need to leave your seat? This can be a reality if you select one of our remote control tower fans. This means you can get the air circulating without the need to walk over to the unit to power it up.

The latest innovation in fan design are the Dyson bladeless models. These move air without the need for a spinning blade and some models even purify the air on the way through. The ability of these fans to remove pollen and other allergens make them great for hay fever sufferers.