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Plastic Strapping Equipment

Polypropylene strapping solutions for your workplace

With the ever-growing popularity of purchasing products online the need for quality packaging supplies has increased too. For tasks such as packing everyday items such as books and clothing, cardboard boxes and soft plastic packaging is perfect. For larger, heavier, industrial goods you'll really need to opt for much tougher packaging aids.

That's where plastic strapping equipment comes into its own. Strapping can be used in conjunction with a range of other packaging materials. It can also been used alone, for instance to attach an item securely to a wooden pallet.

Plastic strapping is generally made from a plastic resin such as polypropylene, also known as PP, or polyester PET. Both of which are extremely strong. PP strapping is resistant to moisture and is therefore suitable for use for outdoor storage for short periods of time. If you are indeed intending to use your strapping outside, black is the best option as it has an extended UV life, with white, blue and yellow also available.

As mentioned before, this type of strapping is incredibly strong. It also doesn't mind being stretched and can cope with being under tension for long durations. This makes it extremely versatile and an extremely popular packaging material in a wide range of environments.

Unlike it's alternative, steel strapping, PP or PET won't rust so there's no risk of it leaving residue. Plastic is also cheaper and the majority can be recycled too, bonus! The soft edges are less likely to damage your products while it's also less likely to cause injury when removed as it doesn't snap back as much as steel strapping can.

Popular products used alongside plastic strapping are shrink wrap films, heavy-duty cardboard packaging and stretch wrap film. Adding strapping to any of these alternative packaging options creates a 'belt and braces' approach.

What strapping tools do you need before you start?

In order to use reels of strapping effectively, you'll need to ensure you have the correct tools. There are strapping kits available which can include everything you need to get started. Common starter kit contents could include, a reel of strapping (obviously!), dispenser trolley, tensioner, cutter, sealer and seals.

All of these tools are designed for hand strapping, and are available separately as well as part of kits. Strapping tensioning tools are used to, yes you guessed it, create tension and tighten your strapping around your item. Once you've stretched your strapping to your desired tension, you can use a cutting tool to remove the rest of the reel.

You'll also require a sealer. Sealing tools vary depending on whether you are using polyester or polypropylene strapping so double-check you have the correct one before you begin. Unless you invest in a friction strapping seal tool, you will need to use metal seals or buckles along with your sealer.

Strapping reels are often supplied in long lengths, with some measuring an impressive 2000 metres. With this length comes some significant weight. So to prevent back-breaking lifting, a dispenser trolley is highly recommended. Trolleys, by nature make items simple to move from one location to another, the dispenser also makes unrolling a strip of strapping so much easier.

Friction sealing tools are ideal for high-volume environments as they're quite an investment. They both tension and seal and are designed for use with polypropylene and extruded polyester banding but not suitable for use with woven polyester.

For pallet strapping a combination tool could be an excellent choice. It will save you having to go back and forth around your pallet to swap tools. Which could save a lot of time and effort over the course of a working day! Strapping is great used in conjunction with pallets as you can wrap it around the planks of a wooden pallet to hold your item firmly in place.

If you, like us, don't have arms like Mr Tickle, a pallet probe is the ideal accessory for helping you to feed all duty polypropylene strapping through pallets and out the other side.

Polypropylene strapping kits are a great place to start and work well for both medium-duty and heavy-duty strapping tasks. For extra-heavy-duty banding, steel strapping would be the best choice. If you do opt for steel banding, you'll need separate cutting tools and tensioners. But for the majority of strapping needs standard-duty strapping kits are just the job.

There's also a huge selection of packaging solutions to work alongside your plastic strapping including box cutters and safety knives, shrink wrap and heat sealers, packing dispensers, tapes, staple guns, industrial weighing scales. There's even specifically designed packing workbenches with come equipped with packing dispenser rails and shelves for storage, just the ticket for those smaller packing jobs.

If you need any help deciding which packaging product is best for you, or further information on any of our strapping machines, our technical product experts are just a phone call away. Give them a ring on 0808 258 1008 and they'll be happy to advise.