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Pallets, Lifting & Loading

Enhance the efficiency and safety of your loading and lifting operations with ESE Direct. We stock a wide range of pallet handling products, ranging from Loading Bay Dock Bumpers and Buffers to Pallet Turntables, all the way through to Scissor Lift Tables. Whatever your need may be, we have the product for you. Explore our full range below. Alternatively, contact our product experts on 0808 258 2547 who will help you find the right solution for your business.

Loading Bay Dock Bumpers & Buffers

Our popular loading bay equipment is designed to make loading and unloading of lorries and vans easier and safer for your team. We have nylon and rubber bumpers to protect your loading docks, long loading bay buffer strips to protect your walls and corners from wheeled traffic damage, hinged bridge plates and aluminium dock plates to bridge any gap of height difference between your lorry trailer and the loading dock. Just to complete the range we also offer wheel chocks that you can put under the trailer wheels to prevent it moving whilst you are loading it.

Scissor Lift Tables

With a very high load capacity of up to 10,000kg available our static scissor lifts are ideal platforms for lifting, stacking and working on pallets or heavy items. Low profile single scissor lifts are great for loading items on by forklift or pallet truck if you have a ramp and do not require a pit. Double scissor lift platforms tend to be for heavy items and can be floor standing with loading by forklift or by pallet truck if you also purchase a ramp or sink the lift table in a pit.

Pallet Turntables

A very clever piece of kit, pallet turntables enable you to rotate pallets easily even when loaded and are most commonly used at the end of production lines to stack product quickly and with the minimum of operator movement, or in dispatch areas where they are perfect for wrapping of palletised goods as you can stand in one place and rotate the whole pallet at once. ESE Direct pallet turntables all have a 2000kg weight capacity and are available on self-levelling platforms to keep the product at a working height, or floor level pallet rings if you prefer.

Scissor Lift Trolleys

Mobile scissor lift trolleys make loading, unloading and stacking of heavy items so much easier as you lower or raise the lift table to suit your working height and can also move them from location to location within your premises (although they are not designed for use over rough ground). Our scissor lift trolleys are available in many different table sizes with load capacities of up to 1250kg.

Plastic Pallets

Choose from several different capacities of plastic pallets, such as lightweight stackable pallets for compact storage when not in use, heavy duty plastic euro pallets with perimeter runners underneath, or even folding box pallets. All these pallets are a good choice for use in shipping and storage of food related product.

Our steel pallets are perfect for securely storing a range of heavy or bulky products. They are available as post pallets, mesh side pallets or solid sheet steel sides in varying heights and widths and depths, with a standard load capacity of 1 tonne they are suitable for most engineering and manufacturing tasks.

Wire Mesh Pallet Cages

One of our most popular product ranges, these folding mesh pallet cages are available as a mesh surround for standard wooden pallets or complete with mesh pallet base and corner feet to make them stackable up to 4 high.  Both these mesh cages or pallet cages help to maximise the storage space you have available and they can be transported by forklift or by hand pallet trucks and stackers.

Slings, Hoists & Cranes

Manual and electric hoists and workshop cranes provide a safe way of moving heavy items in your workshop, engineering facility, warehouse or factory. In this section you will find hoists and cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 3000kg and quality simplex, duplex or endless polyester round slings in four circumference sizes (2m, 3m, 4m and 5m) that can safely lift up to a maximum of 12 tonnes. We also have load restraints or freight lashing straps available to secure your good in transit.