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Packing Benches

Perfect packing tables for your workplace

Managing the packaging and packing of goods effectively and efficiently can be a troublesome task. Especially if you're not equipped with the right tools. But that's where we can help. Whether you need somewhere to store all your packing equipment or a workbench on which to work, there's a huge range of packaging aids available to help you create a streamlined, packaging production line.

Investing in a quality packing bench is by far one of the best things you can do to improve your workflow. You'll find packing benches in a wide variety of environments such as warehouses, factories and distribution centres. Some are even used in working from home office set-ups.

Packing tables are based around a general purpose workbench but with a selection of accessories specifically targeting packing tasks, built in. Often manufactured from mild steel, and then powder-coated in a range of colours, workbenches for packing are strong and sturdy and look good too. There are a number of great value cost-effective packing benches on the market which makes them widely accessible.

One of the most common and helpful accessories often included with work tables are roll dispensers. Roll dispensers can be used to mount packaging materials making for convenient access which also helps to reduce waste. The packaging dispenser roll holders can be used for a wide range of packaging materials including brown Kraft packing paper, film wrap and everyone's favourite, bubble wrap.

Another handy feature often integral to packing stations are shelves. Shelves can be located beneath the main work surface, lower shelves are great for keeping items that you use less-frequently to reduce the amount of bending down required. Other shelves can be installed as part of the back frame. Often located above a roll dispenser rail, upper shelves are great for quick and easy access to all you packaging extras, such as rulers, rolls of spare Kraft tape, labels and scissors.

You may also be glad of a lower shelf as it can double up as a relaxing foot rest, particularly welcome during long shifts, especially at extra-busy times such as Christmas. Although it's best to make sure there's nothing breakable on your bottom shelf before you put your big ole work boots on it!

If you're lucky you may even find an integral drawer or cupboard as part of your workbench. Obviously these are great for storage of all your knick-knacks. Use them to keep your PPE, pencils, personal stash of tea bags and sandwiches ready for lunch.

Packing benches are made with a variety of different worktop materials. Some work surfaces could be made from chipboard, with options of a laminated surface or you could choose to loose-lay rubber - ideal for a replaceable, anti-slip worktop surface.

You can choose to use your work table independently or in a production line setting where numerous packing benches work in tandem. A packing production line could involve each worker at their station being assigned a particular task. Once that task is complete, passing it on to their colleague to undertake their part in the process. Or perhaps, different size work tables used for different sized products.

When choosing a packing bench, it's important to consider what kind of loads you need it to withstand. If you're going to be handling heavy items look for a workbench with a more sizeable weight capacity. Packing table capacities generally start around 200kg, with some capable of withstanding loads up to an impressive 600kg.

For the ultimate in packaging and production, a flexible conveyor is the go-to time and energy saver. Their clever design removes the requirement for manually carrying packages or products from one packing station to another. Conveyors work on a gravity-feed which means cartons and containers merrily descend your conveyor in a controlled manner. And that's not all, conveyors used in packaging environments can flex around corners and extend to up to four and a half metres when fully assembled, ready to make your workplace life a lot easier!

Packing tables work perfectly well on their own, and for larger applications such as warehouses and distribution centres, work really well alongside multi-purpose storage, racking and other manual handling tools such as pallet trucks, platform trucks and picking trolleys. There are plenty of shelves and even full racking systems which can be set up as part of your storage and packing facility too.

For help, advice and additional information on any of the packing tables available at ESE Direct, our experienced technical sales team are just a phone call away. Call our team on 0808 258 2547, or if you prefer you can also find them on our live chat facility, drop them a quick message and they'll be ready and waiting.

A selection of the packing tables listed here can be whizzing their way to your door within 1-3 working days, with those made to order taking a little longer, but they'll certainly be worth the wait. Delivery to UK mainland addresses is free when you spend over £50, please contact us for postage charges for destinations further afield.

There's even the option for a full design and installation service for big projects. If you're looking to install a large number of workbenches to create a brand new packing and storage facility, or update an old one, our design team are on hand to help you. Whether you need help with sizes, capacities or even bespoke packing benches, our projects team can help. Give Mark or Luke in our projects team a call on 0808 274 9657 for help and advice and a no-obligation quote.