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Industrial Fans

Industrial High Velocity Drum Fans

Our range of industrial fans are available in multiple sizes for all kinds of uses. Suitable for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications these high velocity fans are robust through their gauge steel construction and versatile.

Industrial fans can be an effective tool in controlling the temperature within warehouses and workshops. This is especially true during the summer months. Our fans come in a range of different styles and sizes, from our smallest fan measuring 6" in diameter right through to our largest model the 42" industrial fan.

All of the fans here are an axial fan, where the air flow is in parallel to the drive axle of the fan, they create a pressure different that drives air flow out the from of the fan. The alternative to this design is a centrifugal fan, these are normally used as an extraction device as opposed to a cooling fan.

A feature of the size of fan you need will be driven my the size. A larger diameter fan will mean more air movement. As well as the size of the fan, the speed at which it rotates will also contribute to the amount of cooling felt by staff.

As these are drum fans designed to sit in warehouses or around machinery, they can be quite loud. For this reason we strongly suggest that these fans are not placed in offices or in small spaces.

Our fan ranges include both large scale drum models and slightly smaller pedestal fans. What links them all is their industrial nature, making them suitable for tough environments. There is an additional range of office pedestal fans and desk fans perfect for quieter environments.

Many of the larger models have wheels on them to aid the positioning of the fan. This is important, as unlike the pedestal fans, the drum models will not rotate on their own.