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Speed Ramps

Sectional Speed Ramps for permanent fixing in place - One piece Speed Ramps for temporary use - Heavy Duty Cable Protectors with built in ramps - Temporary Signs to identify speed limit or ramp position. 

Our virtually indestructible speed ramps are designed to slow traffic to between 5mph and 15mph depending on the design selected, and come in the form of sectional ramp bundles for permanent fixing or one-piece ramps for temporary use. Our 5mph sectional speed ramp bundles have integral cats eyes for night-time visibility, a steep profile dictating the permitted speed, tapered ends for neat run completion and they’re made from durable, high visibility yellow and black recycled rubber.

With similar construction, our 10mph and 15mph sectional ramps have different profiles to determine the permitted speed. For temporary speed restriction, our instant 10mph speed ramps bundles simply drop into place and are made from high visibility (yellow and black striped) heavy duty moulded rubber with integral cats eyes. These can bolt down to the ground for permanent fixing. To go with these speed ramps we also sell a range of speed related signs and ramp signs for providing advanced warning to drivers.