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Site & Safety

Welcome to our complete range of safety products and access solutions at ESE Direct - all your safety and security needs in one convenient place! Security and well-being are essential in both a commercial and domestic setting. That's why we offer an extensive range of products designed to enhance safety, convenience, and provide you with complete peace of mind. Our diverse range of items cater to the needs of businesses and homeowners, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect solution for their unique requirements. You can also contact our product experts on 0808 258 2547 to help you find the right solution for your business.

Access Ramps

Our range of access ramps covers everything from industrial ramps designed to take the weight of the average vehicle through to more domestic door ramps which allow wheelchair users easy access through doorways.

Door Furniture

In case of an emergency or fire it is essential that staff and visitors can exit premises quickly and efficiently. Our range of door hardware includes push pads, digital door locks, hands-free opening equipment and more.

Exit Transit Chairs

In order to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) you may be required to purchase an evacuation chair. Our range offers several competitively priced options to choose from. From traditional wheelchairs through to dedicated evacuation chairs built for function our range covers the lot.

Lockout Tagout

Our safety lockouts help prevent accidental opening of doors, locks, valves and more. Available in a number of different designs you should find one similar to what you are looking for, from electrical plug lockouts to circuit breakers, gate valve lockouts and more. We also have a strong range of lockout stations and safety tags, these tags are designed to alert employees whether a piece or equipment is fit for purpose or not. Commonly used on racking, ladders, forklifts, scaffolding and other heavily used equipment that must be maintained.

Wire Mesh Storage Cages

We supply a superb range of secure and robust mesh security cages. Ideal for the storage of site equipment or gas containers, selected cages are also available.

Outdoor Cable Protectors

If you're looking for a way to protect electrical cables from cars and HGVs then our outdoor cable protectors are what you need. Several styles of cable protector are available including open top, hinged lid and fixed lid cable protectors. On selected models corner units are available allowing you to snake cables around sharp bends with easy.

Safety Tag Kits

Whatever piece of equipment you are inspecting there's a safety tag just for you. Safety tags are used to ensure that equipment is not used whilst unsafe. Whether it's while you carry out some maintenance work on your forklift truck or during racking inspections and PAT testing, there are plenty of safety tags available at ESE Direct.

Site Boxes & Van Vaults

Our range of tool vaults and site boxes are designed to provide a secure environment to keep delicate and valuable materials and equipment. Small enough to fit easily a van or a car (selected products only) these vehicle tool vaults can be easily transported from warehouse to site and back.

Smoking Shelters

Since the introduction of the smoking ban in the UK smokers are now required by law to step outside into the designated smoking area in order to smoke. Our smoking shelters not only provide a shelter area for employees to smoke but they're also available at an affordable price.

Speed Ramps

For temporary or a more permanent solution our speed ramps allow owners to slow down traffic leading up to the entrance of buildings, construction sites and many more locations. These speed bumps are available in a wide range of styles as well as sizes.

Trench Covers & Kerb Ramps

Ensure a safe environment for pedestrians and vehicles around roadworks and building sites with our range of heavy-duty trench covers and wedge-shape rubber kerb ramps.

Walk-In Storage Containers

Our heavy-duty wire mesh storage enclosures will provide a secure outdoor storage area for valuable materials and equipment. Many of these storage cages are lockable and are heavy so that they can't be easily moved, with the option of wire mesh distribution trolleys if required.

Warehouse Safety Barriers

Take a look at our warehouse barriers. Generally used to protect both warehouse personnel and shelving and racking from injury or damage from knocks and bumps from forklift trucks, trolleys and delivery vehicles.