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Swimming Pool & Gym Matting

Everyone knows that wet floors and bare feet can be a dangerous combination. So for areas where this particularly hazardous coupling is present, it's well worth investing in some matting for your floors. Swimming pool matting is designed with several things in mind. Most often made from PVC, it is long lasting and simple to install. These mats are also hygienic and quick and easy to keep clean. And, most importantly they create a lovely, safe walkway around your pool.

Anti-slip swimming pool matting

Not solely confined to use in swimming pools, they're also ideal anywhere where surface water is a problem. Slip resistant mats are also seen in leisure centre changing areas, in showers and around hot tubs at spa resorts.

A great thing about all these mats is the holes! The holes are an integral part of the mat functionality. The holes act like mini-drains, allowing pesky water that might otherwise sit on the surface to drain away.

Surfaces surrounding pools are often concrete or tiles, both of which are hard, and extremely painful in the the unfortunate eventuality that you do slip and fall and hit the deck. This is also particularly embarrassing if witnessed by a crowd of fellow swimmers.

So in an attempt to avoid these red-faced scenarios, it's best to ensure you have leisure mats installed.

With so many mats to choose from how do you decide which one is best for you? The first thing to consider is, do you need your mat cut to length? If so you're probably best to select a product sold per metre. For larger projects, matting rolls offer a cost-effective solution.

You may also be interested in mating tiles. Matting tiles are a great way of creating a large anti-slip surface. Interlocking tiles seamlessly connect together so that you can make a bespoke size matted floor area. With edging components available to fully complete your look and to ensure an anti-trip matting platform.

With the exception of the duckboard matting and spaghetti matting, more about those later, the majority of swimming pool mats are constructed using a cross-grid structure. This creates those handy drainage holes we were talking about earlier and gives the matting strength.

All swimming pool mats have anti-fatigue properties. This means that they relieve pressure from your back and limbs and reduce aches and pains which may occur when standing on them for prolonged periods. They're also lovely and comfortable for bare feet. So just the job for your wet area.

Duckboard PVC matting has a ribbed structure which provides a safe anti-slip surface for bare foot, and the channels help water to drain away, acting a bit like mini canals, prevent slippery puddles from forming.

Spaghetti matting is a rather different character. It's made with wiggly vinyl loops, hence the spaghetti name, that are lovely and comfy underfoot, so much so you won't want to step off it. It's structure means you can turn it over, so it's life is prolonged.

And of course, as spaghetti matting is designed for use in wet areas, it is free-draining, in not one, not two, not three, but all directions, preventing water from collecting, thus offering a super-safe flooring solution. Check out Trapwell comfort swimming pool matting as an example.

Both matting rolls and those offered by the metre are available in a choice of widths. This is great as you're sure to find one to meet your requirement. If you're still not sure which way to go, there are always our friendly sales consultants just a phone call away. You'll find them on free-phone 0808 278 2009 ready and willing to help you.

If you're looking for heavy-duty PVC matting for use in industrial or outdoor environments. Take a look at the Industrial Walkway Matting.

Gym matting for your home or workplace

Gym equipment, by nature is heavy but with flooring in gyms often being concrete or wood. Even heavy things can move around.

From a safety point of view, equipment needs to stay put. Placing rubber mats beneath your rowing machine or exercise bike will help prevent unnecessary movement. It will also provide a comfortable, shock absorbing area around the equipment, also great from a safety point of view in case of any stumbles.

With many of us creating our own mini home gyms these days as well as attending your local gymnasium or leisure centre, the need for protective flooring has increased considerably.

100% natural rubber flooring doesn't just help to create an anti-slip surface. There are many other great selling points. Gym matting also helps to protect your flooring from damage which may be caused by gym equipment, or by dropping weights onto it.

Rubber gym matting also helps to reduce noise, in that it helps to deaden sound which might be created by dropping heavy weights like dumbbells, loose weights and lifting bars. Perfect if you live in close proximity to neighbours, or in a first floor apartment.

But unfortunately the gym matting isn't quite clever enough to help you with that happy gym-goer who always has their personal music on three times too loud. For that particular irritation we recommend ear plugs!

Rubber gym flooring is quick and easy to install as it often comes in the form of a tile. Rubber floor tiles come with a lot of advantages over matting rolls. Interconnecting rubber tiles are easy to move and extremely hard-wearing.

The tiles connect together, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, only without the frustrating sky to figure out! The edge and corner tiles even have a slope to them which helps to negate the risk of tripping up on the edge of your matted area.

There is no need to worry about adhesives or any other type of fixings as rubber matting can be simply laid on top of your existing flat floor surface. obviously this makes it extremely easy to install, and, there's the added bonus that it can be moved if you change your mind at a later date.

Free samples of many of these swimming pool and gym mats are available. If you'd like a free sample, simply get in touch with one of our sales team - call them for free on 0808 278 2009 and they will be more than happy arrange this for you.