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Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving

Wall-Mounted Storage

A wall mounted shelving system that uses twin slot uprights with clip-in shelf brackets, is the easiest and most cost effective way to install heavy duty shelves to walls in your office, workshop or just about anywhere where wall mounting storage is required. Wall fixed shelving systems allow available storage space to be used efficiently. Utilising starter and extension shelving bays allows larger storage units to be created.

Simply drill holes into the wall (make sure you have a solid wall behind them) and screw them up. Then hook on as many shelf brackets as you like (adjustable every 25mm in the upright’s height) and either add the Steel Shelves or if you need different upright centres use a Wooden Shelf board and add book supports, sliding dividers, shelf ends as needed.

You can buy wall shelving as a kit complete with uprights, shelves etc, or choose the Twinslot individual components (modern day equivalent to the old spur slotted shelving) which is also compatible with Newtech shelving systems.

Adjustable Shelving

If you need your storage to be adaptable to different loads, then the ability to raise or lower your shelves will be vital. As these metal shelving systems contain multiple slots to mount spurs, it means that the heights and gaps between shelves can be easily changed to accommodate a change in use.