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pallet racking
pallet racking anti-collapse mesh

Racking Inspections

Do you have pallet racking in your warehouse?
Did you know that your racking should have regular safety inspections?
That's where we can help.

Safety Requirements

  • Damaged or unsafe racking represents a significant risk that could have serious consequences if it were to fail
  • Pallet racking is considered work equipment and it is therefore essential for the user to complete regular in-house inspections to ensure compliance with the Provision of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • The in-house inspection should be undertaken by person who is trained and competent in the use of materials handling equipment and understands the storage capabilities of the racking
  • The inspection should identify the suitability of the racking for pallet types, the correct method of loading and unloading, and any defects or damage that could affect safety
  • In addition, a thorough safety inspection should be completed annually as a minimum, by a SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Approved Racking Inspector

How can ESE help?

  • We can arrange an annual inspection by a SEMA Approved Rack Inspector
  • The qualified inspectors are independent of ESE Direct and will carry out an impartial racking safety inspection in accordance with BS EN 15635:2008 Steel static storage systems. Application and maintenance of storage equipment
  • The inspector will provide a detailed written report, identifying load capacities, damage, risks and improvements that may be required
  • Any damage will need to be investigated to understand why it occurred, and measures put in place to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of a recurrence
  • If any repair work is needed, ESE Direct will provide a competitive quotation
  • We have a dedicated department who specialise in design, installation and maintenance
  • Racking repairs are carried out by experienced installers, and we keep you fully informed throughout the process

Anti-collapse mesh

  • An inspection can often identify the need to install anti-collapse mesh which further increases the safety of your racking system
  • Panels are constructed from steel mesh with steel edging and attach to the rear of pallet racking
  • It prevents items falling onto pedestrian walkways or work areas and significantly reduces the risk of injury
  • ESE Direct can design and install anti-collapse mesh onto your pallet racking system

For further advice on pallet racking regulations, anti-collapse mesh or to book a racking inspection, call our projects team on 0808 274 9657