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Warehouse Safety Barriers

Impact Protection for Warehouses

Rail protectors, Rack Protectors Barriers and Posts, Guardrails, Safety Barriers and crash protection posts. Ideal for use in Warehouses, Factories and even outside if required to protect pedestrians and racking from forklifts, moving vehicles, machinery or falling loads.

To protect warehouse personnel and stock from impact and fall hazards of all sorts, take a good look at our versatile range of sturdy warehouse barriers, warehouse posts, and warehouse bollards. Our high-visibility yellow modular Barrier Rail Kits for Pallet Racking Aisle Ends form a safe impact protection barrier at rack ends and come in high and low level options. We also supply heavy duty Crash Protection Posts in a variety of heights, with pre-drilled base plates and bolts included.

We also stock ultra-brawny Low Level Channel and Tubular Steel Barriers, as well as well as heavy duty Folded Rail Barriers and Twin Channel Steel Barriers, all of which are available in 1250mm and 2500mm lengths - just browse through our range. In addition to these barriers we supply a range of pedestrian walkway barriers which are also used in the warehouse.

Check out our warehouse product selection for a full range of products for your warehouse