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Wide range of Master Lock combination and keyed padlocks for your workplace

We supply a number of padlocks, from the simple and basic to the sophisticated and well-nigh indestructible. Our brass padlocks are ideal for safety lockouts on machinery, plant and switchgear as well as many other applications. A little further up the security scale are our laminated steel padlocks with hardened steel shackles and double pin locking mechanisms.

Our solid brass, dual locking lever combination padlocks dispense with keys altogether – you just roll the pin tumbler cylinder to your security code. For added protection from the elements, our Pro Series Weathertough Padlocks are waterproof, with a tough ‘Xenoy’ protective cover and drain away channels (they also have an extra secure 6-digit pin cylinder). Finally, our extra strength titanium padlocks come with shrouded, hardened steel, gear driven shackles, corrosion resistant stainless steel bodies and durable, scratch resistant ABS covers.