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Picking & Parts Containers

If you’re searching for large plastic storage containers, you need look no further. At ESE Direct, we supply tough, vibrantly colour-coded containers of very generous capacities, all of which can be self-stacked. Our strong co-polymer polypropylene containers come in six sizes altogether, the largest of which measures a generous 175x416x375mm. They can also be fitted to a louvred panel - and they’re seriously robust. 

If you need a larger storage volume, try our colour codeable Topstore Plastic Storage Bins. Available in red, green blue and yellow, the largest of these hard-wearing polypropylene bins measures 200x310x520mm – that’s a total volume of 31.4 litres. They also incorporate a reinforced safety rear lip in the stacking rim for use with louvred panels. Specially treated to be fade-resistant and anti-static, these bins are ideal for storing bulkier items. For the storage of static-sensitive parts take a look at our Electro Conductive Storage Bins.

If you need somewhere to store these containers our louvre panels provide simple and easy storage for these storage containers. Choose from a number of sizes and bin configurations to choose the panel that will provide the necessary storage you want

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