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Rope Barriers

Rope Barriers with Braided Rope finished in Red, Blue, Black or gold and Quality Posts finished in Stainless Steel or Chrome plated for a more upmarket appearance.

Rope Barrier Posts

Our Classic posts have a stainless steel finish, for a simple buying process classic posts and rope are available to buy as a complete rope barrier system. Whilst our Executive posts are a little taller at 1m and come in sumptuous polished chrome finishes. If you want a touch of Hollywood glamour, try our Deluxe posts: slimmer and more ornamental in design with their chrome finials, these handsome posts are also finished in polished chrome. The Deluxe posts are also heavier stanchions than the other posts, with sturdy heavier weighted bases. Ropes simply hook onto holes around the top of the posts, all of these of these types of posts are compatible with these barrier ropes and the posts are interchangeable with each other. These rope barriers can be used as a permanent fixture or as temporary barriers with them being light enough to be able to easily move.

Barrier Ropes

We supply luxury soft braided barrier rope by the metre in four different colours (red, blue, black and gold). To finish off, we’ll assemble your choice with spring-closure hooks ends to the ropes before delivery. Alternatively, if you want to minimise tampering, try our chrome-finished rigid barrier rails. Amongst our range of hooks and ends are wall mounted rings for creating a rope barrier between two walls.